Sachin Mohite

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"Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it." - Martha Gellhorn

About Me

I am an Educational Researcher from India. I have 13 years experience working with organizations like SAP, Reliance, Shanti Lal Muttha Foundation, Learning Yogi and lot more. I founded the nonprofit organization in 2009 called Samidha Bahuddeshiya Santha (Samidha) and heading it as Hon President since then.

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Current focus

After working for a decade as a committed Education professional at senior positions in this domain, I feel the need for understanding the international discourses and align my work accordingly. My research in allied domains will help me design the large-scale program and influence the policy decisions in the country.

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Futuristic thought

Data Science is changing the way people use to think about the data and research in general. It is imperative that all the researchers notice this shift and align accordingly. It should benefit for the larger good. New areas of work like Data Science in Research and Social Data Science emerging and taking dimensions very fast. Young researchers can be advised to explore this area for any of their research interests.

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domain of work

I am currently working in a Citizenship Education, Service Learning, Active Citizenship domain. I want to create a case that Service-Learning Pedagogy and Citizenship Education for Upper Primary school grades (6,7,8 Grade) can be institutionalized in India. It can help in improving the Learning Outcomes related to Active Citizenship. It will ultimately influence the Policy decisions on Social Science Pedagogy in India. I am sharing the initial Research Proposal on the following link.

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As the World is coming closer, Citizenship Education is shaping differently in the GlobalContext. Role and expectations from a Citizen are also changing over the period of time. Active Citizenship for Democracy is defined as - Participation in civil society, community and/or political life, characterized by mutual respect and non-violence and in accordance with human rights and democracy (Hoskins, 2006). Active citizenship is the glue that keeps society together (Active Citizenship - For a better European society, 2012).

My Take

1. Ground level projects will give very clear picture about the happenings in the field, challenges posed by the context, and perspectives of the implementing agencies. However, at the same time keeping eye on the large scale implementation of the same programs is crucial. We cannot continue for long doing something which will impact a small section of the society. Such isolated efforts will either die out or environmental changes will make it obsolete.

2. All our efforts should be directed towards systemic change. All entities which are meant for the public good need huge system. Efficient systems are not designed overnight. It's about developing human resources. Therefore, instead of creating parallel system, we should be able to strengthen existing systems. At some point of time, we should merge our efforts, with the existing systems and transfer the ownership.