Selected Creative Works


Examples of music can be found here, and examples of video works can be found here


Here and Now  - exhibition Verwalterhaus Kulturkapellen Berlin Curating and presenting works of Melbourne and Berlin based media, visual, and performance artists 

Delusion Guitari - performance Prague Quadrennial and MAP PAN-oramic PAVILION Melbourne.

Changing World - exhibition of Ukranian and Polish print artists Stephen Mclaughlin Gallery

Herring Island soundscape - performances with pianist Coady Green and composer Linda Kouvaras 

13:12 Sound design - ongoing performance project with Lamine Sonko; from 2017


We Are Water - Interactive video installation, Sounds of Water, exhibition Wasserspeicher Berlin

A Holiday in Ecstasy - multi-speaker environmental sound work, World Stage Design, Calgary


Quiet Moments - video installation, Walking Through the Woods exhibition  Verwalterhaus Kulturkapellen Berlin

Liminal City - online music and dance presentation with Tony Yap

Lost Horizons, with Victoria Bilogan (for spatialized piano) Australasian Computer Music Conference 

Ghosts in Machines, with Eiichi Tsaki (improvised audio visual work) Australasian Computer Music Conference 




Sound​-​Wind​-​Breadth​/​Hands Feed Roots -MIUC (Make It Up Club) with Brigid Burke (composer) and Mark Pedersen

Lecture on Nothing - Presented the Prague Quadrennial 2019 (Performer/voice Kylie Supski, Director reVersbutcher). This was also presented at the 2019 Australasian Computer Music/TENOR conference at Monash University, and as an interactive performance by Roger Alsop at the Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft Ost, Berlin.

Along the riverrun - group show "Sounds LIke" Hawthorn Gallery, with a performance by the Zagreb Flute Ensemble. This was also presented at the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb 

Inhabiting Geometries (Video) The Memo Gallery Healesville

sepdek tridek sep kvardek kvin (Video) this work has been presented at: The Project Space - Deakin University; Canberra Space Centre - Deep Space Communication Network (NASA);  Parkes Observatory - Visitors Centre (CSIRO).

Curating the Prague Quadrennial Sound Kitchen international showcase of sound design and composition.


Collage - curating the collage collective sound, text & vision explorations.

Composition and sound design for DEEPER, WIDER, FASTER video – Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery, also presented in the 2018 SPECTRA conference 2018

teneat univers, interactive sound design – Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery

shiver&spine, the artist, & viscera - SeenSound


Sound Design and composition for “Four Men” and “Dog Play: La Mama

Hush, Caution, Echoland, for clarinet - Elder Hall, Adelaide

Music for Imagined Dances, Sounding Finnegan’s Wake 1, & Acoustic Laptop Orchestra 4 – World Stage Design 2017, Taiwan

Migration, for Acoustic AV Laptop – seensound 

In&Out 123 interactive improvised performance – Brunswick Green & Cross Street.


DIP – Live Performance – Generative Art Conference 2016, Florence

FLOW2000 – Live Performance with Brigid Burke – GA 2016, Florence

OUR PLACE OUR HOME – Melbourne Festival Closing Performance

Yarra Bridge – Live performance – SeenSound 

HOME – Latrobe Regional Gallery Morwell - interactive AV (90 day solo exhibition)


Flow2000 – KEAMSAC: Seoul – for alto flute

Flow2000 – ACMC: Sydney – for clarinet

usedlost – Sound Kitchen: Prague Quadrennial 2015 – for sound dispersion

Vespers’ Bells – Tilde New Music Festival Melbourne – Electronic music

Let Me Count the Ways – Collaborative web based work

Who’s That Girl – short film: music, atmos, dialog and foley.

GreenPress –  youtube advertising/information for the GreenPress cafe 

Bubble Muffin – pilot and pitch for ABC children’s show 


Infundibular – Dancehouse; 2014 Fringe Festival (Artistic Director) - for Dance and interactive AV 

In and Out, Over and Under – NiteArt at the Granger Museum, - interactive AV installation 

Motion 5 – Australasian Computer Music Conference, Melbourne 2014 – for clarinet and film

Substation workshop (Exploring improvisations in Music Dance and technologies)

Tilde New Music Festival (Live Guitar Improvisation and Recorded performance of piano works Ambit Improvisations 1)


SPEECH – International Computer Music Conference, Perth 2013

ActionA/V & SoundLabyrinth – interactive audio workshop presented at ISEA2013 Sydney with Mark Pedersen

Motion 4 – Audio Visual improvisation with Brigid Burke (clarinet); seensound, Melbourne


Fluidity: We Are Water – Improvised audio visual work; Water Issues Relating to Environmental Landscape Sustainability’ World Water Day

ORB – Audio Visual work; seensound, Melbourne 

A GENTLE COLLAPSING – Audio Visual work; seensound, Melbourne 

Takutsubo – Australasian Computer Music Conference, Queensland University

Uploading the Goddess – Sound Design & Composition. Husk Theatre

Das Shoku Shake – 45downstairs – Melbourne Fringe Festival


Waiting for Godot – La Mama (remount) 

Luminescence  – Music for Imagined Dances; Dance Massive, Dancehouse


Little Con – improvised performance; Cecil Street Studio

Empty – improvised performance with performer Annmaree Ellis; Studio 202

My Wonderful Everyday – web based audio work funded through VicHealth, Technology, Arts and Social Connection Scheme (TASC) grants program.


Cook: an exploration – video system design and programming; La Mama

Waiting for Godot – sound design; La Mama Theatre

Angels – visual work; White Street Project

I know what you did – interactive video work; White Street Project

Alphington Wetlands Festival – audio system design and mixer (also 2005, 2006, & 2008)

Undue Noise 3 – interactive video and sound improvisation with Paul Fletcher; Castlemaine


the GO SHOW – sound design, multi location performance event; Melbourne International Arts Festival; (MIAF)

Behind the Scenery – web based audio work created as Artist in Residence; Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Yelling at Stars – mentor/project development/interactive programming; Next Wave Festival


Pole – audiovisual work; Geek Chic at Loop, Melbourne

Artist in Residence, Federation Square – interactive AV works 

White Spider – musical composition; Melbourne International Arts FEstival

5 – multimedia work – (ACMC) ANU; Canberra

Yelling at Stars – development phase mentor


Yellow Wallpaper – sound design; Malthouse Theatre

Grand Union Orchestra – sound design and mix; Festival Melbourne2006 and Stonnington Jazz Festival

phoFAUX gallery opening – composition/sound design; Footscray

Dreamlake – interactive music and video performance; with Paul Fletcher, Bendigo

Once Upon A Time – audio composition; Empirical Soundings, Bendigo

Wetlands Mix – Alphington Wetlands Festival and City of Yarra Commonwealth Games opening

Ambit – (ACMC) Adelaide University, Adelaide 


Local Migration – video/installation work; with Hoang Tran Nguyen, Big West Festival

Grand Union Orchestra – sound design and mix; Malvern Town Hall Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Sixteen Words for Water – sound design/composition; Courthouse Theatre

Yellow Wallpaper – sound design; The Storeroom Theatre

Wetlands Mix – audio composition; Alphington Wetlands Festival


Amounts are rounded to the lower $1000. In each of these grants I had the equivalent role of chief investigator, responsible for developing conceptual frameworks and grant submission, gathering and guiding teams, and all financial aspects (grant budget, collaborator payment, and acquittal).


Teaching Assistantship (for PhD candidates) Internal VCA grant for PhD student $15000

Faculty Small Grants Scheme (for research travel),  Internal VCA grant $3000


Near Miss Funding Grant, Internal VCA grant $3000

Faculty Small Grants Scheme (for research travel),  Internal VCA grant $5000


Internal VCA funding for the 2014 Australasian Computer Music Conference, provision of venues and speaker fees. $8000

Faculty Small Grants Scheme (for research travel),  Internal VCA grant $3000


Let Me Count The Ways – Regional Arts Victoria/VCAMCM  $72000


My Wonderful Everyday – Vic Health $22000


Behind the Scenery – Royal Botanic Gardens/Australia Council $8000