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Peter Roger Alsop

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My educational and professional activities are based on integrating the conceptual and technological processes of a wide variety of areas including the arts, sciences, community, and education. This has included developing collaborative linkages locally, nationally, with indigenous Australians, and local and international educational and creative institutes and practitioners.

While at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music (previously the Victorian College of the Arts) my teaching has involved the creation and management of online, blended, and face to face courses at undergraduate, post graduate and research higher degree levels. The areas taught include design, music, performing arts/production, and research higher degree studies, and methods used range through online, lecture based, seminar based, and fully practice based learning.

SInce 2007 I have taught at Box Hill Institute in music recording, the history of music recording, interactive media, and research skills in undergraduate and masters courses. I am also a member of the Box Hill Institute Higher Education Board of Studies and the Music Education Course Advisory Committees.

My research and practice based creative work focuses on performing and interactive arts, music, and the performing arts, and is funded through competitive national and internal University of Melbourne grants, for which I have had role as the creative leader, collaborator, and financial manager.


Graduate Certificate of University Teaching (University of Melbourne) 2014

PhD, School of Communication and Media (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) 2011

Master of Arts, Composition (La Trobe University) 1999

Graduate Diploma of Music Technology (La Trobe University) 1993

Bachelor of Arts, Music and Drama (La Trobe University) 1991


2018 – current: Lecturer in the Directorate Teaching Program.

1999 – 2018: Lecturer in Sound, Research and Higher Degree Coordinator; Faculty of Victorian College of the Arts and Music (VCAM), (0.6 from 2006, full time 1999-2005)

Key responsibilities:

Development, review and delivery of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research courses; committee memberships (research, ethics, design, performance/project development, and teaching and learning committees); academic research/professional practice; and maintaining knowledge of, and research in, current industry practices and processes, developing industry partnerships.

Key achievements:

Creation and delivery of the Interactive Art Media breadth/elective courses.

Creation and delivery of lectures in sound for film in the Making Movies breadth course.

Collaborative creation of Master of Fine Arts and PhD courses in the School of Production.

Creation and delivery of the Master of Sound Design by Research (now incorporated into the VCA Master of Fine Arts).

Creation and delivery of the on-line course Sound Design Skills.

Creation and delivery of the interactive composition lectures.

Supervision and assessment of VCA Music Honours students.

Past member of the VCA Research and Research Training Committee 2005 to 2016

Inaugural Chair of the VCA Human Research Ethics Committee from 2005 to 2009.

Developing under-graduate courses in Production with colleagues.

Developing the Post–Graduate Diploma in Production courses with colleagues.

Forming and maintaining university and industry connections across diverse areas of the arts, including education, recording, performance, and community; and areas of interactive arts and the art/science nexus.

Developing and maintaining connections between the various schools at the VCA and the broader UoM.

2008 – current: Box Hill Institute (BHI): casual lecturer in music technology

Key responsibilities: development, review and delivery of the Mixed Media Design, Electronic Sound Creation, Music Production, Production Styles and Advanced Tracking classes in the Master of Music, Music Degree and Advanced Diploma of Music Industry courses for first, second, and third year students.

Key achievements: collaboratively developing popular complementary courses in music recording and production, and membership of the Box Hill Institute Music Course Advisory Committee and Higher Education Board of Studies.

2011 – Performative Architecture Studio/Creative Computing Workshop; Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning, UoM (casual lecturer)

Key Responsibilities: Development and delivery of subjects in conceptual and technical skills in interactive audio and video installation.

2006 – 2007: Northern Metropolitan Institute of Technology (NMIT): casual lecturer in Theatre Production and Computer Music

Key responsibilities: delivery of courses developed by the NMIT staff and course advisory committee, co-ordinating delivery of the courses with other staff members.

2000:Monash University School of Music: Casual Lecturer in Music Production

Key responsibilities: delivery of lectures in Music Production Processes to Composition students.

1995 – 1999:La Trobe University Music Department: Tutor in Interactive Computer Music and Tutor in Harmony

Key responsibilities: tutoring in tonal harmony and in interactive computer music processes for composition, music history and music technology students to complement lectures in those subjects.


Completed PhD students

· Margaret MacKay, Composing Contemporary Ceremony: Towards a praxial technique from a critical ‘practice as research’ perspective; principal supervisor, 2018

· Vincent Giles, Microsound, Spectra, and Objectivity: tracing memetics in organised sound; principal supervisor 2016

· Travis Cox, Code, display, user: semiotic dialogues in interactive web page artworks; principal supervisor, 2016

· Camille Robinson, LISTENTING ART: making sonic artworks that form a critique of listening; principal supervisor (unanimously nominated for the Chancellors Prize), 2016

· Natalie Grant, Momentum: Experiential Development in Music Composition; co supervisor, 2015

Completed Master of Sound Design by Research

· Ben Wiesner: Integrating Space, Composition and Performance 2015

· Mark Pedersen: Sound Labyrinth: Exploring the Embodied Sublime Through an Immersive Audio/Visual Installation. 2014

· Peter Farnan: Distilling an Essence: the Structuring of the Recorded Pop/Rock Song Form. 2014

· Tisara Munasinghe: Sounds from the past: an audio artwork developed from memories of Sri Lankan emigrants in contemporary Melbourne. 2013

· Luke Harralampou: And Their Lungs Reflect What the Sun Means to Them. 2012

· Darren Steffen: Simple subtle sustained waveforms and the notion of comfort in a new approach to creating an immersive, interactive sound installation. 2012

· Elisabeth Viggers: Connections: nothing exists in isolation. 2011

· Robert Stewart: SoundNode: a prototype user interface for sound design in performance environments. 2010.

Completed Master of Fine Arts

· Kahra Scott-James: Narrative aesthetics – sound design in story development: a case for pre-auralvis. 2014

· Paul Fletcher: An abstract narrative form of film: can an abstract form of film successfully include elements of the concrete representation based narrative film form? 2009

· Thomas Rando: How do Digital Audio Workstations influence the way musicians make and record music? 2019

· Myfanwy Alderton, co supervisor 2017

Current PhD students

· Renusha Aguthala

· Emily Collette

· Elnaz Sheshgelani

· Ioannis Sidiropolous

· Leanora Olmi

· Jessica Williams, co supervisor

Current Master of Fine Arts students

· Susannah WIlliams

· Brett Canning

· David Streefkerk

· Peter Satchell

· Chris Dickie

· Simon Bowland

· Richard Gyngler

· Matt Voight

· Cobie Orger, co supervisor

RHD panel chair

· Jung Moon (PhD – completed)

· Olena Federova (PhD – completed)

· Lynn Thompson (PhD - completed)

· Andrea Meadows (PhD)

· Katherine Edwards (MFA - completed)

· Chung Liang Liu (MFA – completed)

RHD panel member

· Belinda Woods (PhD - completed)


ACCEPTED RESEARCH PAPERS (fully peer reviewed or edited)

Tracing Time to Measure Space - GENERATIVE ART FUTURING PAST conference, Letterature Festival Internazionale di Roma – 2019 XVIII edizione IL DOMANI DEI CLASSICI

Galileo’s Heritage: Astronomers, Artists and DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER - Pamela Bain, Carolyn Lewens, Christopher Fluke, James Josephides, Jeffrey Cooke, Igor Andreoni, Roger Alsop and Stephanie Sacco SPECTRA Art & Science Symposium, Adelaide, 2018

NonHuman Agents in Cultural Production: Animals, Environments and Simulations - Jessica Laraine Williams, Roger Alsop, Thijs van Overveld & Mathew Berg – Quite Frankly, Symbiotica Conference, Perth 2018

Using the text of Finnegan’s Wake to create the electro-acoustic work Hush! Caution! Echoland! ACMC Adelaide 2017

Australia on display: Tracing an Australian identity through the evolving costume design for The Australian Ballet’s production The Display E Collett, R Alsop - Studies in Costume & Performance 2 (1), 61-79 2017

SOUND, SHADOW AND LIGHT: generating the experience of a natural environment – Generative Art Conference Florence 2016.

usedlost: Creating a Multi-spatial Audiowork from Virtual Locations - NIME, Griffiths University 2016

Computing gives an artist new tools to be creative – the Conversation 2016

Interpreting Data: Re-contextualizing Data to Develop Approaches to Musical Composition - Vincent Giles & Roger Alsop – Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society's 2015 Annual Conference (KEAMSAC2015)

Integrating Composer/Improviser’s Actions in the creation of an interactive and provocative composition system – (KEAMSAC2015) In and Out, Over and Under: AN INTERACTIVE AUDIOVISUAL INSTALLATION RESPONDING TO PERCY GRAINGER’S FREE MUSIC AND THE GRAINGER MUSEUM – International Computer Music Conference, Texas 2015

Sublime: An Open Approach to Collaborative Performance – Travis Cox & Roger Alsop - ACMC, Victorian College of the Arts, 2014

Gesture, sound and place. – ISEA2013 proceedings – Roger Alsop & Mark Pedersen (MSD student), 2013

SPEECH: creating a virtual audio-visual artwork – International Computer Music Conference, Perth 2013

FLUIDITY – WE ARE WATER: THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN IMPROVISED AUDIOVISUAL PERFORMANCE – Water Issues Relating to Environmental Landscape Sustainability’ World Water Day, IRESA, Université de Sousse, Tunisie, 2013

TWITCH: translating microscopic fast motion to a musical composition – Roger Alsop & Peter Myers, (published through ANAT/CSIRO) 2014

An Approach to Feature Extraction of Human Movement Qualities and Its Application to Sound Synthesis. – Mark Pedersen & Roger Alsop – ACMC, Queensland University, 2012

As parts of a recomposition of social meaning that transcends previous modes of classification – Autopsya, 2012

ActionA/V: An Improvisatory Process for Translating Movement to an Audiovisual Outcome – ACMC, Australian National University Canberra, 2010

The Trouble with CARE: Creative Arts and Research Ethics – Australian National University (Publisher), B. Bolt, R. Vincs, R. Alsop, M. Sierra, & G. Kett 2010

Transforming Art: Processes for Developing Audio-Visual Works – Sounding Out 5 conference, Bournemouth University, 2010

Crossing Media in Practice: Improvisation Across Art Forms – Third International Congress of Synesthesia, Science and Art 09, International Foundation Arteciudad / artecittà, Granada, 2009

Realtime Integration of Sound, Image and Text in Creating Performance, a three day artist in residency was associated with this paper – Theatre Noise Conference, Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, 2009

Diversionary Space Project at Royal Melbourne Hospital Short Term Dementia Ward – Darren Steffen & Roger Alsop; UNESCO Observatory 2009 e-journal

Sound Design Skills: exploring a blended learning environment for developing practical and conceptual skills – Roger Alsop & Marsha Berry; Media Arts Scoping Symposium (MASS) Proceedings, VCAM, Melbourne, 2009

Integrating Text Sound and Vision in an Interactive Audio Visual Work International Conference on Music Communication Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 2007

The biggest shed in the world: an approach to computer enhanced creativity – ACMC, Australian National University, Canberra, 2007

Weaving Relationships Between Sound and Image in Improvised Performance – Roger Alsop & Paul Fletcher (Master of Animation student); ACMC, Adelaide University, Adelaide, 2006

Compositional Processes in Developing Poly-Media Performance Works – ACMC Edith Cowan University, Perth, 2003

The Ineluctable Modality of the Audible: Exploring the sound worlds of James Joyce’s Ulysses – World Forum of Acoustic Ecology Symposium, VCA, Melbourne, 2003

Teaching Electro-Acoustic (EA) Composition to the Uninitiated - ACMC Queensland University of Technology, Queensland, 2000

Exploring the Self Through Algorithmic Composition – Leonardo Music Journal, Vol 9: 1999; MIT Press

Personal Expression Through Algorithmic Composition – ACMC, ANU, Canberra, 1998, also published in the e-journal Mikropolyphonie

An Approach to Making Music From Speech – Winner of the New Music Australia Prize for Music and Writing: 1993. This paper was expanded and presented at Synasthetica '94, ANU, as Making Music From Speech


Examples of music can be found here, and examples of video works can be found here


Sound​-​Wind​-​Breadth​/​Hands Feed Roots -MIUC (Make It Up Club) with Brigid Burke (composer) and Mark Pedersen

Lecture on Nothing - Presented the Prague Quadrennial 2019 (Performer/voice Kylie Supski, Director reVersbutcher). This was also presented at the 2019 Australasian Computer Music/TENOR conference at Monash University, and as an interactive performance by Roger Alsop at the Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft Ost, Berlin.

Along the riverrun - group show "Sounds LIke" Hawthorn Gallery, with a performance by the Zagreb Flute Ensemble. This was also presented at the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb

Inhabiting Geometries (Video) The Memo Gallery Healesville

sepdek tridek sep kvardek kvin (Video) this work has been presented at: The Project Space - Deakin University; Canberra Space Centre - Deep Space Communication Network (NASA); Parkes Observatory - Visitors Centre (CSIRO).

Curating the Prague Quadrennial Sound Kitchen international showcase of sound design and composition.


Collage - curating the collage collective sound, text & vision explorations.

Composition and sound design for DEEPER, WIDER, FASTER video – Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery, also presented in the 2018 SPECTRA conference 2018

teneat univers, interactive sound design – Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery

shiver&spine, the artist, & viscera - SeenSound


Sound Design and composition for “Four Men” and “Dog Play: La Mama

Hush, Caution, Echoland, for clarinet - Elder Hall, Adelaide

Music for Imagined Dances, Sounding Finnegan’s Wake 1, & Acoustic Laptop Orchestra 4 – World Stage Design 2017, Taiwan

Migration, for Acoustic AV Laptop – seensound

In&Out 123 interactive improvised performance – Brunswick Green & Cross Street.


DIP – Live Performance – Generative Art Conference 2016, Florence

FLOW2000 – Live Performance with Brigid Burke – GA 2016, Florence

OUR PLACE OUR HOME – Melbourne Festival Closing Performance

Yarra Bridge – Live performance – SeenSound

HOME – Latrobe Regional Gallery Morwell - interactive AV (90 day solo exhibition)


Flow2000 – KEAMSAC: Seoul – for alto flute

Flow2000 – ACMC: Sydney – for clarinet

usedlost – Sound Kitchen: Prague Quadrennial 2015 – for sound dispersion

Vespers’ Bells – Tilde New Music Festival Melbourne – Electronic music

Let Me Count the Ways – Collaborative web based work

Who’s That Girl – short film: music, atmos, dialog and foley.

GreenPress – youtube advertising/information for the GreenPress cafe

Bubble Muffin – pilot and pitch for ABC children’s show


Infundibular – Dancehouse; 2014 Fringe Festival (Artistic Director) - for Dance and interactive AV

In and Out, Over and Under – NiteArt at the Granger Museum, - interactive AV installation

Motion 5 – Australasian Computer Music Conference, Melbourne 2014 – for clarinet and film

Substation workshop (Exploring improvisations in Music Dance and technologies)

Tilde New Music Festival (Live Guitar Improvisation and Recorded performance of piano works Ambit Improvisations 1)


SPEECH – International Computer Music Conference, Perth 2013

ActionA/V & SoundLabyrinth – interactive audio workshop presented at ISEA2013 Sydney with Mark Pedersen

Motion 4 – Audio Visual improvisation with Brigid Burke (clarinet); seensound, Melbourne


Fluidity: We Are Water – Improvised audio visual work; Water Issues Relating to Environmental Landscape Sustainability’ World Water Day

ORB – Audio Visual work; seensound, Melbourne

A GENTLE COLLAPSING – Audio Visual work; seensound, Melbourne

Takutsubo – Australasian Computer Music Conference, Queensland University

Uploading the Goddess – Sound Design & Composition. Husk Theatre

Das Shoku Shake – 45downstairs – Melbourne Fringe Festival


Waiting for Godot – La Mama (remount)

Luminescence – Music for Imagined Dances; Dance Massive, Dancehouse


Little Con – improvised performance; Cecil Street Studio

Empty – improvised performance with performer Annmaree Ellis; Studio 202

My Wonderful Everyday – web based audio work funded through VicHealth, Technology, Arts and Social Connection Scheme (TASC) grants program.


Cook: an exploration – video system design and programming; La Mama

Waiting for Godot – sound design; La Mama Theatre

Angels – visual work; White Street Project

I know what you did – interactive video work; White Street Project

Alphington Wetlands Festival – audio system design and mixer (also 2005, 2006, & 2008)

Undue Noise 3 – interactive video and sound improvisation with Paul Fletcher; Castlemaine


the GO SHOW – sound design, multi location performance event; Melbourne International Arts Festival; (MIAF)

Behind the Scenery – web based audio work created as Artist in Residence; Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Yelling at Stars – mentor/project development/interactive programming; Next Wave Festival


Pole – audiovisual work; Geek Chic at Loop, Melbourne

Artist in Residence, Federation Square – interactive AV works

White Spider – musical composition; Melbourne International Arts FEstival

5 – multimedia work – (ACMC) ANU; Canberra

Yelling at Stars – development phase mentor


Yellow Wallpaper – sound design; Malthouse Theatre

Grand Union Orchestra – sound design and mix; Festival Melbourne2006 and Stonnington Jazz Festival

phoFAUX gallery opening – composition/sound design; Footscray

Dreamlake – interactive music and video performance; with Paul Fletcher, Bendigo

Once Upon A Time – audio composition; Empirical Soundings, Bendigo

Wetlands Mix – Alphington Wetlands Festival and City of Yarra Commonwealth Games opening

Ambit – (ACMC) Adelaide University, Adelaide


Local Migration – video/installation work; with Hoang Tran Nguyen, Big West Festival

Grand Union Orchestra – sound design and mix; Malvern Town Hall Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Sixteen Words for Water – sound design/composition; Courthouse Theatre

Yellow Wallpaper – sound design; The Storeroom Theatre

Wetlands Mix – audio composition; Alphington Wetlands Festival


Amounts are rounded to the lower $1000. In each of these grants I had the equivalent role of chief investigator, responsible for developing conceptual frameworks and grant submission, gathering and guiding teams, and all financial aspects (grant budget, collaborator payment, and acquittal).


Teaching Assistantship (for PhD candidates) Internal VCA grant for PhD student $15000

Faculty Small Grants Scheme (for research travel), Internal VCA grant $3000


Near Miss Funding Grant, Internal VCA grant $3000

Faculty Small Grants Scheme (for research travel), Internal VCA grant $5000


Internal VCA funding for the 2014 Australasian Computer Music Conference, provision of venues and speaker fees. $8000

Faculty Small Grants Scheme (for research travel), Internal VCA grant $3000


Let Me Count The Ways – Regional Arts Victoria/VCAMCM $72000


My Wonderful Everyday – Vic Health $22000


Behind the Scenery – Royal Botanic Gardens/Australia Council $8000


Performer Willoh S. Weiland through the SPARK program, provided by Youth Arts Queensland; this project resulted in the Yelling at Stars performance, performed on the closing night of the 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Myer Music Bowl and 2015 MONAFOMA

Victoria University postgraduate performance student Annmaree Ellis in developing interactive improvised performance skills. 2010

Victoria University postgraduate dance student Anna McLean in designing interactive performance systems. 2008


Research and Higher Degree Examiner for:

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Edinburgh University
  • University of Queensland
  • Victoria University
  • University of Tasmania

Guest Professor in The Art of Digital Media postgraduate course , University of the Arts, Belgrade

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency External Expert.

Box Hill Institute Higher Education Board of Studies

Box Hill Institute Music Degree Course Advisory Committee

Collarts Course Advisory Committee

Reviewer - International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Health & Well-being 2017

Reviewer – New Interfaces in Musical Expression 2016 to 2017

Reviewer – Digital Creativity Journal

Reviewer – Digital Humanities Conferences 2011 to 2019

Reviewer – Australasian Computer Music Conferences 2007 -11, 2014-17, & 2019

Reviewer – Media Art Scoping Study proceedings 2009

Editorial Panel – Second Nature: International journal of Creative Media

Co Organizer and referee for 2014 Australasian Computer Music Conference (Melbourne)

Co Organizer and referee for 2003 World Forum of Acoustic Ecology Symposium (Melbourne)

Co Organizer and referee for 2002 Australasian Computer Music Conference (Melbourne)

VCA School of Production Indigenous Liaison Officer 2002 to 2004

Research assistant to Professor Richard Vella, La Trobe University Music Department, 1998 - 1999


International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects, and Technicians (OISTAT) Sound Working Group

Electronic Music Foundation (EMF)

Multicultural Arts Victoria

Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)

Australasian Computer Music Association (ACMA)

International Computer Music Association (ICMA)

Human Computer Sciences Network (HCSNet)




"ISM" and "CHASM"; The Frog Peak Music Collaborations Project, (compact disc)

"Pillage", One for the Love of God (compact disc)

Ambit Improvisations 1 Heat Depth gretl Neuköln Four Men In the house of breathings lies that word

My leaves have drifted from me usedlost toy pianos Phasmid Experiments Ghostone