I was able to spend a very fruitful week in southern Italy near Naples to present works based on the topic 'Sounds From Everywhere: Our Voice, Our World, Our Machines'. Links to relevant publicity and reviews are below.

In this lecture I discuss my approaches and concerns in computer based art making and introduce the ideas informing 'the Acoustic AV Laptop' and 'Sounding Finnegans Wake'

Here I discuss the processes and development of the Acoustic Laptop with an audience of academics from the Conservatorio di Musica "N. Sala” di Benevento, and students from a nearby high school. The performance, shown below, follows.

This is the concert hall where the Benevento Acoustic Laptop Orchestra performed.

This performance was with students of the Conservatorio di Musica "N. Sala” di Benevento.

To the right are recordings of the performance. It was a 4 channel recording, witn 'binaural 2 being the rear L&R recordings

This is a lecture on the creation of music developed from text. It discusses precedents to the work currently being done regarding 'Sounding Finnegans Wake'

This is a talk I gave to students at the students at Sala Nicodemo De Vito, Cervinara (not Cenevento as it says on the video). I discussed the projects I have done in community arts and the reasoning behind my approaches.

Here is a link to the advertising poster for my week in Benevento. The web links below are advertising and reviews of the work I did there.