World Stage Design 2017 Taipei

This was filmed and recorded by Joe Pino using his binaural mic & phone. THANKS JOE!!! The initial performers were, Nela Brown, Robin Whittaker (who spatialized the sound), Brad Ward, Bassam Yaqout, Roger Alsop. After a brief performance the audience was invited to join in, and lots of fun happened.

This is an intro to the acoustic laptop orchestra performance. it is from before Joe started filming, and I discuss the ideas. Nela Brown and Robin Whittaker add the vital bits of information I omitted.

The comment regarding John Glenn refers to a fantastic performance by Erik Lawson and Joe Pino developed from recently released NASA recordings of John Glenn's historic flight.

This is part of the developing "Sounding Finnegan's Wake" project. It is an evolving project and many iterations of the work(s) will come about as ideas develop.

"finnegan USA Ava 4ch binaural at 90 degrees" is a rendition of a version developed for 4 separate speakers. it is best to listen in headphones to get something like a sense of how it might work in a real environment. It is very important to think of this as a concert/gallery/installation piece.

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