I was able to spend a week in Belgrade with graduate students from the University of the Arts, Belgrade on invitation from Assoc Professor Dejan Grba. I did five three hour lecture/workshops . These included a lecture on the history of sound art (more a listing of what I found interesting in the topic), teaching max programming, and developing the projects 'the Acoustic AV laptop' and 'Sounding Finnegans Wake'.

Sound Art works created from working with the students can be heard here

This is a lecture I gave on the history of sound art, the powerpoint is really more a list of websites and the discussion is very much a listing of my opinions on the topic.

This is a video of the presentation on the History of Sound Art

This is a video of the workshop/lecture on processes for developing a media work from a text. Here Finnegans Wake provided the text.

The lecture is wide ranging and looks at a lot of different processes for creation of media works.

Here is a video of the continuation of the workshop on developing media work from Finnegans Wake

This is an audio outcome from the workshops.