Research Papers

ACCEPTED RESEARCH PAPERS (fully peer reviewed or edited)

Tracing Time to Measure Space - GENERATIVE ART FUTURING PAST conference, Letterature Festival Internazionale di Roma – 2019 XVIII edizione IL DOMANI DEI CLASSICI

Galileo’s Heritage: Astronomers, Artists and DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER - Pamela Bain, Carolyn Lewens, Christopher Fluke, James Josephides, Jeffrey Cooke, Igor Andreoni, Roger Alsop and Stephanie Sacco SPECTRA Art & Science Symposium, Adelaide, 2018

NonHuman Agents in Cultural Production: Animals, Environments and Simulations - Jessica Laraine Williams, Roger Alsop, Thijs van Overveld & Mathew Berg – Quite Frankly, Symbiotica Conference, Perth 2018

Using the text of Finnegan’s Wake to create the electro-acoustic work Hush! Caution! Echoland! ACMC Adelaide 2017

Australia on display: Tracing an Australian identity through the evolving costume design for The Australian Ballet’s production The Display E Collett, R Alsop - Studies in Costume & Performance 2 (1), 61-79 2017

SOUND, SHADOW AND LIGHT: generating the experience of a natural environment – Generative Art Conference Florence 2016.

usedlost: Creating a Multi-spatial Audiowork from Virtual Locations - NIME, Griffiths University 2016

Computing gives an artist new tools to be creative – the Conversation 2016

Interpreting Data: Re-contextualizing Data to Develop Approaches to Musical Composition - Vincent Giles & Roger Alsop – Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society's 2015 Annual Conference (KEAMSAC2015)

Integrating Composer/Improviser’s Actions in the creation of an interactive and provocative composition system – (KEAMSAC2015) In and Out, Over and Under: AN INTERACTIVE AUDIOVISUAL INSTALLATION RESPONDING TO PERCY GRAINGER’S FREE MUSIC AND THE GRAINGER MUSEUM – International Computer Music Conference, Texas 2015

Sublime: An Open Approach to Collaborative Performance – Travis Cox & Roger Alsop - ACMC, Victorian College of the Arts, 2014

Gesture, sound and place. – ISEA2013 proceedings – Roger Alsop & Mark Pedersen (MSD student), 2013

SPEECH: creating a virtual audio-visual artwork – International Computer Music Conference, Perth 2013

FLUIDITY – WE ARE WATER: THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN IMPROVISED AUDIOVISUAL PERFORMANCE – Water Issues Relating to Environmental Landscape Sustainability’ World Water Day, IRESA, Université de Sousse, Tunisie, 2013

TWITCH: translating microscopic fast motion to a musical composition – Roger Alsop & Peter Myers, (published through ANAT/CSIRO) 2014

An Approach to Feature Extraction of Human Movement Qualities and Its Application to Sound Synthesis. – Mark Pedersen & Roger Alsop – ACMC, Queensland University, 2012

As parts of a recomposition of social meaning that transcends previous modes of classification – Autopsya, 2012

ActionA/V: An Improvisatory Process for Translating Movement to an Audiovisual Outcome – ACMC, Australian National University Canberra, 2010

The Trouble with CARE: Creative Arts and Research Ethics – Australian National University (Publisher), B. Bolt, R. Vincs, R. Alsop, M. Sierra, & G. Kett 2010

Transforming Art: Processes for Developing Audio-Visual Works – Sounding Out 5 conference, Bournemouth University, 2010

Crossing Media in Practice: Improvisation Across Art Forms – Third International Congress of Synesthesia, Science and Art 09, International Foundation Arteciudad / artecittà, Granada, 2009

Realtime Integration of Sound, Image and Text in Creating Performance, a three day artist in residency was associated with this paper – Theatre Noise Conference, Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, 2009

Diversionary Space Project at Royal Melbourne Hospital Short Term Dementia Ward – Darren Steffen & Roger Alsop; UNESCO Observatory 2009 e-journal

Sound Design Skills: exploring a blended learning environment for developing practical and conceptual skills – Roger Alsop & Marsha Berry; Media Arts Scoping Symposium (MASS) Proceedings, VCAM, Melbourne, 2009

Integrating Text Sound and Vision in an Interactive Audio Visual Work International Conference on Music Communication Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 2007

The biggest shed in the world: an approach to computer enhanced creativity – ACMC, Australian National University, Canberra, 2007

Weaving Relationships Between Sound and Image in Improvised Performance – Roger Alsop & Paul Fletcher (Master of Animation student); ACMC, Adelaide University, Adelaide, 2006

Compositional Processes in Developing Poly-Media Performance Works – ACMC Edith Cowan University, Perth, 2003

The Ineluctable Modality of the Audible: Exploring the sound worlds of James Joyce’s Ulysses – World Forum of Acoustic Ecology Symposium, VCA, Melbourne, 2003

Teaching Electro-Acoustic (EA) Composition to the Uninitiated - ACMC Queensland University of Technology, Queensland, 2000

Exploring the Self Through Algorithmic Composition – Leonardo Music Journal, Vol 9: 1999; MIT Press

Personal Expression Through Algorithmic Composition – ACMC, ANU, Canberra, 1998, also published in the e-journal Mikropolyphonie

An Approach to Making Music From Speech – Winner of the New Music Australia Prize for Music and Writing: 1993. This paper was expanded and presented at Synasthetica '94, ANU, as Making Music From Speech