Related Efforts

HERACLES - HERA CO-Line Extragalactic Survey 

A Large Program that used the IRAM 30-m telescope to produce sensitive CO(2-1) emission maps from 48 nearby galaxies. HERACLES is an international collaboration led by Adam Leroy (OSU) and Fabian Walter (MPIA). (IRAM archive)

PAWS - PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey

An IRAM large program to map the molecular gas in the central ~9 kpc of the nearby grand-design spiral galaxy M51 (the Whirlpool) in its CO(1-0) line emission at the scale of Giant Molecular Clouds using the 30m telescope and the Plateau de Bure interferometer. PAWS is an international collaboration led by Eva Schinnerer (MPIA). (IRAM archive)

EMPIRE - EMIR Multiline Probe of the ISM Regulating Galaxy Evolution

A Large Program to map the emission from dense gas tracers such as the ground transitions of HCN, HCO+ and HNC as well as CO isotopologues with the IRAM 30-m telescope of 9 nearby galaxies. EMPIRE is an international collaboration led by Frank Bigiel (AIfA/U. Bonn).  (IRAM archive)