Project Brief

Assigned: Thursday September 6

Due: an editable google doc placed in the google drive folder for student submissions >>here<< by Wednesday September 12 9AM

Assignment Description: In a professionally written document (Google Doc), describe the problem or opportunity that you plan to address in your UX Design project. Your narrative should include:

  • What is the problem in brief?
  • How will your project change the status quo? For whom?
  • What is (at least) one naïve design idea (rough sketch)? How does this idea address what you see as the core problem?
  • What information do you need to collect? How will you collect it? How will you meet your target users, or who can serve as effective proxies for them?
  • How will your team work together to accomplish these goals (as well as your individual learning goals)?

Your project should be (an interface for) a system driven by software. It may be embedded in a hardware system, it may be a purely software application, or it may be a web/mobile/tablet site. Alternately, you can describe it as software to support an activity, but you should have some idea of what form that can take.

A good project will be big enough to support multiple possible implementations and designs, but not so big that you can't make effective progress on it. Remember that, when you get to the implementation stage, you will have 7- 10 days to draft a rough working prototype. (You won't do this until mid-semester and by then you'll have a fairly concrete design developed, of course.)

The goal of this assignment is not to convince us that you have all the answers but that you are in a good position to obtain the answers. If you already know all of the answers, the discovery phase (the next couple of assignments) is not likely to be very interesting.