Thursday September 6 - teams

  • Meet your team [2017 teams will be posted on the site's home page before the class].
  • Activity: Team name theme selection.
    • some suggestions from past teaming surveys have been: Star Wars planets, programming languages, beverages, sappy romance movies, super heroes, elements, avocado varieties, weird Trader Joe's product names
  • Introduce: First 2 Phases / Phase Checklists
  • Review: Assignments for first 2 Phases
  • Activity: Before starting group work... form a team contract
    • What does each member of your team bring to this class? What do each of you wish to take away? Talk about your learning objectives and your expectations with regard to how this class should fit into your semester. Also talk about help you'd like from one another, about traps you know you are prone to falling into, and about how you will make sure that you are working effectively as a team. This discussion can include preferred working styles and norms. Write a set of team commitments (as well as any individual commitments) and tape this to your team box.
  • Activity: Do not leave class until you have a told instructors the 75 - 120 minute time block(s) that your team commits to attending weekly for UX Design.