Self-Assessment Reflection

Due: on the day of the final presentation, submitted via the google form links in the Final Refinement Phase Checklist

As you have no doubt realized, a big part of this course is development of skills and attitudes that help you attain success in ill-structured, project-based learning experiences. You are much better equipped to assess your skill development in two of these areas than we are, and in any case you will surely have a different perspective from ours. So, we’d like each of you to rate yourself using roughly a one page statement of the role that this course has played thus far in your development of key skills (listed below). We also ask that you submit an additional form response for each team-mate to give us your honest assessment of each one's skills in key areas (understanding that your assessment is from a particular point of view and limited).

The form asks the following questions - or something close to them.

Your name


Provide about a page of reflective comments on how this course, thus far, has affected your skills, focusing especially on your capacity for life-long learning. You might particularly want to focus on your abilities (and the development of your skills) in the following areas:

  • time management
  • making tradeoffs
  • setting realistic goals
  • identifying resources

We're looking for some thoughtful reflection here, not just a statement of what you’ve done in the course. Has the course format helped your skill-building in these areas or in other ways? Have you gained any insight into your learning style or needs? Do you better understand your approach to open-ended situations or your thought processes in solving complex problems? What were your biggest challenges, and how did you deal with them? Include concrete examples to show what you think you have done well, where your approaches have changed, and where you are still working to improve.


In addition to the discussion above, please rate yourself (in UX Design) on each of the skills listed below. This part should be easy: simply indicate where you think your work in UX Design puts you on the demonstration of each of the listed skills. You should use the following scale:

  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Often
  • Almost Always
  • Always

You are welcome to rate yourself at any level that you wish, but your assessment should be justified by your comments above.


This semester, I have developed creative, effective designs that solve real (interaction/usability) problems.

This semester, I have conveyed information and ideas effectively -- to the variety of audiences I faced -- using written, oral, and visual and graphical communication as appropriate.

This semester, I have been able to identify and to address my own educational needs in a changing world.

This semester, I have contributed effectively to my team.

Peer ratings

Please include ratings for each of your teammates (individually, by name) on each of the four skills listed above, using the same scale.