Open Challenge: Video or Physical

Requirements: Each student individually completes 1 video or physical open challenge on their own out-of-class time. (This is 4% of your overall grade.)

Submission Mechanism: Submit Open challenges using this open challenge form.

Open Challenge: Video Option

The same criteria as the presentation challenge, except it will be covering an interface that you did not select for your presentation challenge, and will be recorded and uploaded to a video sharing site. You will submit a link to the video using the open challenge submission form.

Rubric: You will be graded on the content of the presentation as well as the production quality.

Open Challenge: Physical Artifact Option

You will bring a physical artifact to a member of the teaching team for a walkthrough. This can happen during open studio time or can be scheduled outside of class, potentially during one of the mid-class slots available at this sign up sheet.

The Physical Artifact Option has 2 variants to also choose between: Paper Prototyping or Object review, described below.

Rubric: You will be graded on the appropriateness of the materials you selected, your justification of the selections, and execution of the demo to the instructor.

// Physical Variant A - Personal Paper Prototyping

Link to Example

Find a product that you use. Make a paper prototype that you imagine could have been an early version of the design. Describe why you the materials (types of paper, sketching tools, etc) that you used and why you chose them. Prepare a script that allows a member of the teaching team to go through the intended interactions.

// Physical Variant B - an object

Link to Example 1, Link to Example 2

Bring in a physical object that has usability issues. It can be a chair that is physically difficult to adjust. It can be a digital camera that does not make it clear how to delete photos. Be prepared to walk through an interaction with the object and explain what went wrong using the terms of the course and propose ways that the usability issues could have been avoided.