Needs Analysis Checklist

In this type of studio class, there are smaller assignments that get you set up to do larger assignments, such as Needs Analysis.

This checklist is a useful summary of the content presented in the phase description: Phase: Design Refinement. Please review the details of the phase description as this includes the assignment details, rubric, etc.

By 9/21/18, your team should have:

____ spoken to multiple people in your target user group

____ given consent form feedback to another team

____ updated your team’s consent form based on feedback

____ the start of a webpage in your team’s folder on Olin’s server

____ your refined project brief as a link from your team’s home page (no longer a google doc)

____ your consent form language posted to your site, with contact information omitted

____ your inspirational designs posted to your team’s site

____ your inspirational designs on your team’s foam board

____ developed some design artifacts representing your users, their needs, their understanding of your project domain, and your success criteria

____ at least 3 design artifacts pinned to your team’s foam board

(personas, concept models, goals, task decompositions, lexicons, experience maps, flow models, sequence models, cultural models, affinity diagrams, selection matrices)

____ a plan for completing your Needs Analysis assignment by 9/24/18 at noon

____ read the Cooper and Norman readings on the course webpage

you will receive feedback on these deliverables during studio walk arounds, so that you can act on instructor reactions and suggestions as your. You will also get formal written feedback on most of the items above included in your Needs Analysis Phase grade report - expected 10/4/18