Thursday December 6 - final demo prep

  • Announcements and updates
    • A review of cleanup for final day events and logistics of our session.
  • The teaching team will give feedback on your final demo plans and drafts of your individual handouts. Having 3 or 4 or 5 one-page documents that a visitor can pick up and start a discussion from serves multiple purposes:
    • The presentations should not include too many design decisions, so the handouts allow to queue up different stories about the arc of your project from paper to software.
    • Reading each page gives the teaching team a better sense of how each individual team member talks about the project, so that the whole team does not have to speak during the short presentation. This is one of the few wrapping up individual assignments, along with the self assessment.
    • Any team member who notified the teaching team well in advance of a conflict with the final demo timing has a means of contributing to the experience.