Design Development Checklist

This checklist is a useful summary of the content presented in the phase description: Phase: Design Development. Please review the details of the phase description as this includes the assignment details, rubric, etc.

___ 9/27/18: You should be able to use concepts from the readings to talk about your project with the teaching team (words such as constraint, mapping, visibility etc).

___ 9/27/18: Each team member has posted a sketch of a potential interface element to your team’s board, that are neither too professional nor too rough.

___ 9/27/18: You should have read the readings that team Ladle presented in class on 9/24.

___ 10/1/18: You can end a brainstorm and start a critique of your proposed ideas.

___ 10/4/18: Selected and started your first two [individual] design challenges.

___ 10/5/18: The team has prototypes that incorporate paper, sticky notes, and transparent cut-outs.

___ 10/4/18: The team can do a “wizard of oz” acting out session of a paper prototype.

___ 10/11/18: Have a draft plan for a usability test, including scripts and scenarios.

___ 10/11/18: You should have an understanding of different types of errors a user can have, and should have made a list of errors the you have found in your paper prototype.

___ 10/15/18: You will have priorities set for building into an automated prototype.

___ 10/18/18: Design Development Phase submitted to your project site.