Final Refinement Checklist

Dates for this checklist will be updated by the beginning of October fo the 2018 run.

____ 11/28/18: Formal Usability Study plan posted on your project page

____ 11/29/18: Heuristic Evaluation Response (if there is more to say than what was included in your your Design Refinement assignment)

____ 11/29/18: Changes to your design documented and posted to your project website

____ 11/29/18: You will have read the teaching team's feedback for your Design Refinement Phase

____ 12/04/18: All four design challenges are due

____ 12/6/18: Formal Usability Test Results posted to your project page (including pointers to changes you made in response to feedback you collected)

____ 12/6/18: you have a 4 or 5 one-page (can be double-sided) PDF print outs of final presentation / demo aids that justify key design decisions for the project. Each team member produces their own. At least one interface image should be included, along with the team member's consideration. Can be drawn from the phase write up.

____ 12/11/18, 8:45am-11AM: Final Presentation, demo, open house

____ 12/11/18: Final writeup posted to project website

____ 12/11/18: Self-Assessment Reflection assignment completed, course evaluation completed

for the self-assessment, use the following form: Self Assessment Form

for the team-mate assessments, please use the following form for each team-mate: Team Mate Evaluation (Answer multiple times)