This is how you get Rid of that Vaginal Fungus!

Most women experience a vaginal yeast infection in their lives. Most women know how annoying a fungal infection can be. There are a number of possible causes and luckily you can do something about it yourself!


Almost all women sometimes suffer from a vaginal yeast infection in their lives. This infection is caused by the fungus Candida Albicans . Despite the fact that it is a fairly harmless condition, it can cause very unpleasant symptoms. All women have bacteria and fungi in their vagina. This is normal and ensures a good balance in the vagina. But sometimes certain fungi grow too hard and an infection develops. This can happen when the balance is disturbed by, for example:

to wash too often with soap

the use of antibiotics because they kill all bacteria and therefore the good ones

pill use and pregnancy due to increased estrogen levels.

Vaginal Yeast Infection

The complaints with a vaginal yeast infection

Not all women have to get complaints, but usually the complaints consist of:


Burning feeling

Redness and swollen mucous membranes of the vagina

A changed secretion often white and friable and often smelling different than normal

Pain during sex

What are the Symptoms

A vaginal fungal infection gives complaints of:


white, friable secretion, this does not stink.

the vagina may be red and swollen

sometimes the vagina is also a bit painful

sex and / or urination may feel burning

What can you do about It?

When there is a fungal infection you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Recently, there are freely available medicines for sale at the pharmacy and chemist. It is about this:

Canesten 1 Vaginal Tablet:

This tablet contains clotrimazole and you take deep deep vaginal once before sleeping.

Canesten cream 10mg / g:

This cream also contains clotrimazole and is a six day cure. An applicator must be inserted every night before bedtime. The labia can also be smeared with this. Pay attention! This product can affect the rubber of a condom, making it snap faster!

Yeastrol Cream:

This cream contains miconazole and can be used to relieve the itchy complaints on the outside of the vagina.

Although a vaginal fungal infection is harmless, it is important to treat it. Never stop as soon as the symptoms have disappeared, but always complete a treatment, so you can be sure that all fungi have been killed.

Tips to prevent a fungal infection:

Do not wash with soap, but only with lukewarm water

Do not use a vaginal douche, it can disturb the balance

Wipe from the front to the back of the toilet

Wear cotton underwear

Avoid tight fitting clothing

Change regular sanitary napkins or panty liners


It is important not to balance the normal environment in the vagina. Therefore, do not wash the vagina with soap, but only with water. The inside of the vagina cleans itself, you do not have to do anything about it.

Also sex when the woman is not yet excited enough, and the vagina is still too dry, irritates the mucous membrane. Wait therefore with sexual intercourse until you are humid enough. If this does not happen, use a lubricant.

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