Hemorrhoids; how do you prevent it and how do you get rid of it?

Hemorrhoids, a lot of people suffer from it. Too often people continue to walk with the disorder because they no longer dare to go to a doctor. What are hemorrhoids really, how do they develop and how do you get rid of them if you have them?

What are hemorrhoids really?

Almost no one dares to tell when he suffers from hemorrhoids, but everyone actually has them! Hemorrhoids belong to the anal canal. They are erectile organs in which there are blood vessels that can set up to seal the anus air and leak proof. Sometimes they are under considerable pressure, for example by hard pressing (such as in the stool or during a delivery) or by prolonged coughing. As a result, they expand and can start to irritate causing complaints. We now speak of a hemorrhoid.

How often do hemorrhoids occur?

More people have hemorrhoids than you probably think. As many as one in two people are sometimes bothered by it.

Need Treatment?

If you do not treat hemorrhoids, they can become bigger and bigger, with the emphasis on cannibals. They are innocent and often disappear automatically. It is true that the larger they become, the more they go down. They can even be seen outside the anus.

The complaints

The complaints that you can get with you are: itching and a feeling around the anus. Sometimes pain is also felt and blood is it. going at this website


Only a few people still dare to talk sincerely about being overworked.

What can you do to Hemorrhoids?

Go to the toilet regularly to press and try to ensure that the stool is soft (due to proper nutrition and fluid). Then you have to press less and you have less chance of complaints. Beard Bacteria Treatment Naturally

Drink enough (1.5 - 2 liters per day).

Ensure sufficient physical activity (half an hour a day or more).

Eat high-fiber foods such as brown bread, bran, vegetables and fruits. Go directly to the toilet if you feel pressure; cease makes the stool hard. Hard pressing is Fibers attract moisture and ensure that the stool remains soft.

It is better not to use rough toilet paper for pain or itching at the anus. For example, use a damp cloth and dry it well afterwards.

Do not use soap. This can worsen the itching and pain.

Medication against hemorrhoids can alleviate the pain or itching.

Medication against hemorrhoids

There is hemorrhoid ointment and suppositories to relieve the pain and itching that hemorrhoids entails.

A. Vogel also has a homeopathic ointment: Hemoclin gel. This is for internal hemorrhoids. There is also a Hemoclin spray for external hemorrhoids.

Alternative treatment to perform yourself

Put ice (ice cube) in firm kitchen paper or in a cloth and hold it for about 1 to 3 minutes against the anus. The hemorrhoids will go up because they do not like cold. They retreat towards the intestines. Apply ointment to the anus half an hour after the ice treatment. Do not do this ice treatment too often, because it is a shock for your intestines.

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