How do I achieve long-term weight loss?

You think of yourself that you have to lose weight. However, you find your health and healthy eating very important. How do you get a fair view of your eating habits and achieve long-term weight loss? In your heart you really know that losing weight usually does not lead to permanent weight loss.


You should always consult your doctor first if you have questions about your health or if you suspect serious overweight. This article wants to inform and can of course never replace the advice of a qualified physician.

Be a turtle: losing weight is not always wise

Do you remember him: the parable of the hare and the turtle? These animals went into a bet with each other who would win the finish first. The tortoise works with policy and through its efforts reaches the finish line unchallenged first. The hare does not bet. Although he is much faster than the turtle, he thinks he will win the race. Eventually, the tortoise draws its long-term end through its planned, calm and quiet approach. The lesson you can draw from the story is that runners are dead-runners and that slow-but-sure work leads to good results. Fast weight loss does not mean that your weight loss is permanent. Get to know yourself and your eating habits. That is an investment for the long term.

Take the time to find healthy recipes

Experience shows that you achieve the best result by listening carefully to your body. If a diet after years in your daily life is ingrained, you will not just overthrow them. This can also seriously disrupt your metabolism. Gradually replacing bad habits with good alternatives works best. If you can only lose weight through extreme diets, your weight loss will not be long lasting when you return to your "normal" diet. Find healthy recipes that you really like and that are not too complicated. Sometimes the real "basics" with a few unprocessed ingredients are the best.

Healthy Eating: Drink Water

Drinking a little more water that does not confuse your thirst with hunger is always good. Choose ordinary tap water. Why does this also include healthy eating? If you drink water you will not receive unnecessary salts, flavors, sweeteners and colorants. In that case, you also reduce the burden on the environment because bottles do not have to be made and transported. In addition, it also makes a difference in your wallet if you drink less soft drinks every week . A small bottle of one and a half liters will cost you one and a half euros. Count your winnings. Assume about one and a half to two liters of fluid per day. If you already drink a lot of unsweetened herbal tea you can use less water.

State of affairs now: are you overweight?

Are you really overweight? If in doubt, contact your doctor. Do you think you have sufficient insight into your lifestyle and diet? Use your agenda to keep track of what you eat and drink every day. Write your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not forget the extra snacks and drinks that belong to parties and receptions. Alcohol not only contains quite a lot of calories, it also removes inhibitions. If you have decided not to jump out of the band at a party, you better leave the alcoholic drinks. Then you are less likely to cross the line on all fronts. If you have tracked what you eat and drink for about two weeks, you can form a better picture of your eating habits. Breakfast you might be in a hurry or not at all?

Plan of approach for long-term weight loss

Now that you have an idea of ​​your good and less good eating habits, you can have a planto draw up an approach. Write down your target weight. Be realistic here. If you make your goals unfeasible, you will quickly become demotivated. However, it may also be that you first choose to eat healthier and more regularly. You will notice that this can also lead to weight loss in the long term. If your inventory shows that you barely breakfast this can be an important long-term goal. People who do not eat breakfast often go to the ax during the morning and do not always choose the most sensible alternatives. If you have achieved a regular diet, you will replace snacks with more sensible options. Little by little you change your eating habits. You will see that with this well-considered, long-term approach you will come closer and closer to your goal in the course of time. How do You Grow Beard

Diagnosis and investigation of unintended weight loss

If the patient inadvertently loses weight and concerns him, it is recommended to consult a doctor. A loss of more than 5 percent of the weight within six to twelve months indicates a problem. The doctor tries to find the cause of the inexplicable weight loss. He goes through history, carries out a physical examination and orders elementary laboratory tests. Imaging studies looking for hidden cancer tumors is usually not useful unless the patient has other symptoms that point in the direction of cancer. The doctor sometimes decides to set a vigilant policy during the next one to six months if these studies do not produce any results. Some patients do need a special diet to prevent further weight loss or to recover lost pounds. Maintenance of the Beard

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