Clear Pores

After a plaster cast, good skin care with cream is Required

Clear Pores

A plaster cast not only lumps bones and joints, but also the skin for a certain period of time. Most bone fractures on an arm or leg are treated by putting a plaster cast around them after a possible straightening. Usually for a period of about four weeks, or, if it is a complicated break, also for longer. During that time the skin of the affected body part is not completely airtight, but there is also not much fresh air. The skin that is under the plaster is often dry and flaky. After removing the plaster, she needs some time to become nicely supple again and look healthy. You can help her by providing good skin care.

Function of the Skin

The skin has a number of very important functions. It protects the body against the sunlight, intruders and other dangers from outside. Those who have a wound in their skin are immediately more susceptible to bacteria, viruses and fungi at that location. In addition, the skin protects the body against dehydration. The skin also regulates the body temperature for a large part.

Providing good Skin Care

Women often get cold faster than men

The reason that women are more likely to be cold at the same ambient temperature than men is that they have a thinner skin and are therefore less well insulated against the cold. In addition to these functions, the skin also makes vitamin D under the influence of the sun, which ensures the production and maintenance of the bones.

The skin feels warmth and cold

In addition to these functions, the skin also "feels" and helps regulate the temperature of the body. This way the pores will contract when you are cold, to keep the body heat in and you will perspire if you get too hot, so that excess body heat along with the moisture is worked out. Leave a Beard or Just a Smooth chin

Hidden functions of the skin

The blood vessels, nerves and lymph vessels lie deeper in the skin. The lower part of the skin consists of connective tissue that gives the skin its firmness. The blood vessels provide the skin with oxygen and nutrition and help to seal any wounds. The nerves help the skin to feel (the sense of touch) and send messages to the brain when they feel something that is too hot, too cold or just painful, on which an automatic response follows from the brain.

A plaster bandage closes the skin from the air

If you read all this, you will understand that the skin is important enough to take good care of. This is necessary, especially after a plaster cast. Fortunately, the plaster masters nowadays have a good education and the plaster is not always so tightly wrapped around the broken part of the body as it used to be.

Plaster around the foot

In the case of a fracture of a foot bone, for example, the plaster usually fits tightly around the foot, but the plaster cast over the leg after the hardening is often partially cut along the length so that it can not become too tight. Over that comes the connection that keeps things together. In this way the skin of the leg is not completely closed off from the air. How to Grow Beard Fast

Do not scratch under the plaster cast

Over time, the skin can itch under the plaster cast. This often results from perspiration. However, never use a knitting needle or anything else under the plaster to scratch the skin. You can get wounds that can easily ignite and then you can go back to the hospital. Take a hair dryer, put it on cold air and try to bring some fresh air circulation between plaster and skin. That often helps a lot. If that does not work, then look for distraction so that you do not even think about it, because often the itching disappears again after a while.

After removing the plaster cast

Despite all precautions, the skin suffered greatly from minimal contact with fresh air. She often looks dry and flaky after removing the plaster. She "screams" for help. With good care, however, you can bring your skin to the old level of health within two weeks. That is not difficult, but requires a little attention every day.

Always clean properly first

To begin with, the skin must first be cleaned properly, because she has not been washed all the time in the plaster. The secreted body substances of often four weeks are still on and they have to be removed first.

Clean carefully with water

Take a bath with not too hot water or, if you only have a shower, put your leg in a bucket or bowl with heated water and give the skin the opportunity to absorb as much moisture as possible. Then dry the body part thoroughly. In addition, most flakes will disappear. Then lubricate the skin with a good cream. That does not have to be an expensive cream at all. It may also be a good body lotion, but it must contain sufficient moisture and fat and be skin-friendly.

Give a good skin care after collecting the plaster cast

Some people only get itching when the plaster cast is removed. Do not scratch the skin, because it is thinner and more vulnerable than usual and you will damage it faster. It is better to treat the arm or leg with fluid immediately when you come home.

Watch out with drying

In the after-drying, carefully remove the loose sheets as much as possible, but do not act too harshly, as damage can also occur from a soft towel. Then use a good cream to make the skin supple again. Repeat treatment two to three times a day. After a day or two, the skin looks much better.

The post-treatment of the scar of a surgical wound with cream is required

Some fractures can not simply be rectified, but have to be put through an operation. That is very annoying, especially when the bone with iron pins has to be helped to grow straight again. If the plaster cast is removed and the wound is well closed and is healing, you can treat the scar with cream, for example calendula cream.

Calendula cream helps

Calendula cream is a cream, made on a natural basis of marigolds, often somewhat ashamed with lavender. This cream helps the skin to repair damaged areas faster. Especially with scars, treatment with this cream is strongly recommended. Incidentally, this cream also helps with blemishes on the skin, for example in body folds, skin inflammations, eczema, burns, sunburn and abrasions.

Do test the cream for allergies

Some people are allergic to the ingredients of marigolds. It is therefore advisable to try the cream on a normal spot of the skin. If the spot is not irritated after 24 hours, it does not turn red or goes on, you can tolerate and use it well. On the Internet there are many examples of people who have been using the product for years and who, in particular, have good results in treating scars.

The skin is a breathable organ

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and deserves to be well cared for, especially after a plaster cast, surgery or wound. No skin tolerates it to remain covered for a long time. its function will then deteriorate. Healthy skin is one of the conditions for a healthy life. Many people here have some eczema, warts, irritated and red skin, or skin diseases such as psoriasis and the like. However, the skin deserves in all cases to receive the best possible care, even after a week-long plaster cast.