What to do in case of Hair Loss?

Every day, all people lose hair. But you may also have that you lose more hair than what is normal. But what do you have to do about that? Read it in the article below. home remedies for hair growth and thickness

What can you do about hair loss

Hair loss

How do you get hair loss?


A wig

Hair transplant

Which drugs to use to Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair Loss

Every day everyone loses hair. This is a normal phenomenon. But if you lose hair per day, it is called hair loss. In people who lose hair, it often starts at the front of the forehead. The hair becomes thinner. In women it is true that if they have been pregnant. the hair has become thinner. This is very normal and should not be considered abnormal. People with a disease can also have hair loss, but this is rare. With a chemotherapy against a disease, people can also get hair loss. After a chemotherapy treatment, it will simply grow back to normal.

How do you get hair loss?



The pill



Iron shortage


Deviation from the thyroid gland


It is normal for people who age to get hair loss. You should therefore accept it. Below are two things you could do if you do not want to be bald. A certain disease can also cause hair loss. Such a disease lasts for about a few months and also automatically resets itself. It is advisable to have you consulted by a doctor who specializes in it. He can see if he can give you an injection to speed up the recovery. But do not be mistaken, many people who have had this injection are not all equally satisfied with the result. The disease returned to most people.

A Wig

If the hair loss is so bad that you become bald or parts of your head become bald, you can choose to take a wig. A wig can give you a safe feeling. Before you take a wig it is wise to check whether your health insurance can insure the hair. If not, you have to take it for your own account.

Hair transplant

Nobody likes to be bald, so people can choose hair transplants in addition to a wig. Hair transplant means that you get more hair through surgery and that it will look natural. Most doctors use about 8 hairs for each group of hair root. This often looks unnatural and it is therefore important to find a doctor who uses 1 to 4 hairs for each group of hair root. It is important to be well informed, because not every hair type or baldness is suitable for this. It costs about 40 per consultation with the hair specialist.

Which drugs to use to prevent hair loss?

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

What can you do as a Woman Against Hair Loss

A woman with hair loss is not a pleasant combination, you can feel pretty unhappy with it. But as a woman, you do not have to rest in hair loss, because there are still possibilities that prevent baldness. The treatment options have improved considerably in recent years..

Preventive care is also important: special shampoo / conditioner, good brush, when blow-drying ends with cold air. Vulnerable hair not dyeing or perming, and taking (natural) vitamins.

The effects of a decreasing estrogen level seem to be controlled by the substance phyto-caffeine, processed in a new type of shampoo. This substance is used in the shampoo Plantur-39 and protects the hair roots against hormone-induced exhaustion according to the manufacturer.


A hair transplant may be more effective. Transplantation means that skin with healthy hair is moved on the head to the bald areas. Under local anesthesia a strip of skin with healthy hair is removed. Then that strip is cut into pieces and separated into separate hair follicles. The hair follicles are then placed back into the bald areas of the head (often the top) in pre-formed holes. The intention is that after that the implanted hair starts to grow nicely and take away the baldness. The implanted hairs last a lifetime. Ten to fifteen percent of all transplants are done in women.