Remove Warts yourself: Different Methods

If you want a wart, then it is not necessary to go to the doctor for this. There are also various self-care products with which you can remove warts at home. Various methods can be used for this. So you can choose a wartone pen that works through freezing. A wart can also be effectively removed by labeling it with an acid such as formic acid, trichloroacetic acid, monochloroacetic acid or salicylic acid. If you prefer a natural product, you can go for a tincture based on smelly celandine. There are also wart plasters with a strongly diluted acid that the wart will shrivel over the course of days. €WaRT234cáÂ

About Warts

A wart ( verruca vulgaris ) is a hardened, cauliflower-like lump on the skin. Warts are common on the hands, fingers, soles and toes. A wart occurs as a result of a virus. This virus - where hundreds of them exist - causes the skin cells to divide excessively quickly, causing the deformation that we call a wart. Such a virus can easily be picked up by, for example, walking barefoot in the swimming pool, in a gymnasium or over a wet dressing room floor. If you already have a wound on the sole of the foot or the skin is softened by swimming, for example, the risk of infection is only increased.

Most people have had to deal with it and have noticed that warts often disappear again. In general, warts - rare exceptions left there - are also not harmful to health. Yet many people find it annoying to have a wart. People often find it ugly and it can also sit in a bad place. If it is on your toe or foot sole, for example, it can be painful when walking and abrasion against a sock or shoe may cause the wart to bleed. You also increase the risk that you infect another person with it. For that reason, many people choose to have warts removed when they suffer from it.

Methods to remove warts yourself

If you suffer from warts on your hand or foot, it is fairly easy to remove them. In the past people always went to the GP for this. This then used liquid nitrogen to imprint the wart and freeze it. This then shriveled until he fell off the skin. Nowadays there are several different types of self-care products that make a visit to the GP for removing a wart superfluous. You can also choose a product with which you can freeze the wart yourself, touch it with acid or touch it with a natural remedy. There are also wart plasters that gradually wipe the warts.

To freeze

As said before, the general practitioner uses liquid nitrogen to freeze warts and shrink them. There are, however, so-called wart-pins with which you can do this yourself. This is the most common method for removing warts at home. Such wart pens often contain a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane. If you carefully follow the instructions from the leaflet, the tip of the pen can be pressed against the wart, freezing it to the core. It is therefore important not to hold the pen against the wart for a shorter or longer period than indicated in the package leaflet. You should therefore always keep a stop watch at hand.

One can choose among other things from the following products:

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Patting with Acid

In addition to wart pens that allow the wart to be frozen, there are also wart pens or tassels with an acid that can bite the wart away. There is also talk of a chemical peel. Various types of acid can be used for this purpose, such as formic acid, trichloroacetic acid, monochloroacetic acid or salicylic acid. In contrast to the method in which the wart is frozen, the treatment often has to be repeated several times when the wart is placed on acid. It is important to follow the instructions from the package leaflet.

One can choose among other things from the following products:

Wartrol - Wart treatment (based on formic acid)

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Sticking with tincture of smelly celandine

If you prefer to opt for a natural product, you can also remove a wart with a liquid based on stinking celandine. Chelidonium Majus tincture is made from the plant smelly, which is also very suitable for the removal of warts. The liquid - which is rich in alkaloids and saponins - can be applied to the wart with a brush. After having used the product twice a day for a week , you can expect results in the form of shrinking the wart.

Wart Plasters

To remove and temporarily mask warts, a wart plaster can also be chosen. A wart plaster usually contains an acid that is diluted so that it can make contact with the skin for a long time without any problems. This then provides a gradual chemical peel causing the skin to peel and the wart first shrinks and eventually disappears completely over the course of days. best wart removal product