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Stretch marks. Origin, treatment and prevention!

Many women experience stretch marks during pregnancy, also known as stretch marks. But other people can also suffer from these strains. How do they actually occur? And can you do something to prevent the stretch marks? Even when the stretch marks have already been created, there are fortunately still ways to make the marks less visible. the next weƅ sitе

How does striae Arise?

Stretch marks, also known as stretch marks, are caused by a rapid weight gain. The skin must also grow considerably. This can cause cracks in the subcutaneous connective tissue. These cracks look like red or purple lines that run parallel to each other. These lines can vary in length from a few centimeters, up to 20 centimeters.

The reason that stretch marks are also called stretch marks is because just many pregnant women suffer from this. Because of the pregnancy, the figure suddenly changes rapidly, and the skin often can not cope with this rapid growth, which creates stretch marks. However, not only pregnant women suffer from these strains. Even teenagers who have suddenly experienced a growth spurt, and people who are overweight often have to deal with stretch marks. Furthermore, the formation of stretch marks is partly determined hereditary. Do more people in the family suffer from it, you can also suffer from stretch marks.

In pregnant women you see that stretch marks are often present on the abdomen, and breasts. But the legs are also very sensitive to the formation of stretch marks. People who suddenly grow fast are more likely to suffer from stretch marks on the buttocks, legs, thighs, breasts and arms.

Can you prevent stretch marks?

It is very difficult to prevent stretch marks. When you know that you run the risk of developing stretch marks, for example during pregnancy, you have to take good care of the skin. Make sure that the skin never dries out, and that it stays soft and supple. This makes it harder for the skin to 'tear'. You can best take care of the skin every week to scrub. This stimulates the cell renewal of the skin. The skin must also be treated every day with a moisturizer or nourishing oil. This is best done twice a day, and in any case when you come from the shower. Then the skin has the greatest chance of developing stretch marks. Due to the heat of the shower water, the skin can dry out. A good tip is therefore not to shower too hot. Using the tips above, you can reduce the formation of striae, and make sure that it does not form as quickly. It is unfortunately no guarantee that you can prevent it!

Is it possible to treat stretch marks?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment that will completely restore stretch marks. Even though there are hundreds of providers who claim otherwise. The fact remains that striae is a formation of scars on the body, and these will not be able to completely disappear. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the stretch marks. Because although it can not harm physically, many people find the formation of these marks on their bodies very ugly.

It is getting less

Over time, striae will fade for a large part of itself. Instead of red or purple, the stripes will become more white or mother-of-pearl in color, and therefore less noticeable. Using cremes that reduce scarring, you can speed up this process yourself.

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