If you are looking for my simulations they are not up here yet, it is more difficult coding on gsites than your own server. But if you would like to use them while I am updating the site, you can download them all from my dropbox at


This is the old html file and folders that was on my old site. If you download the folder, you can open the sims.html file and see the old structure. If you just want the jar files, they are in the, surprise surprise, the jar-files folder. If you run into any problems, feel free to shoot me an email.


Below you will find some simulations that are useful for demonstrating and experimenting with physics phenonema. Some were developed by me (mem2), some are created by my former Professor Andrew Duffy from BU, and others are from various sites that I have come across over the years (such as, and NTNU Virtual Lab). Click on an image and Enjoy.

And I would like to thank Andrew Duffy and Nick Gross from BU ITOP for introducing me to EJS.

NOTE 1: You must have JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT installed to run these simulations.

NOTE 2: If you are having trouble using these on Internet Explorer you should first download and use Firefox or Google Chrome. If you really have to stay with IE and are having problems, it is because IE likes to rename Java files when opening them. To fix this, save the file by Right-click Save As ... IMPORTANT add ".jar" to the end of the file name when saving to force IE NOT to rename the file to .zip. You should then be able to open it find by double clicking on the file on your computer.


Energy, Momentum and Conservation


Electricity and Magnetism