Unit 03: Electric Fields and Forces

Chapter 20 in Knight Book // Chapter 18 in OpenStax Online book

Includes Electric Fields and Electric Forces

Unit Objectives (what you should end up knowing)

Lecture Videos


      1. Intro to Electric Charge+
      2. Coulombs Law with Tape+
      3. Superposition+
      4. Electric Fields++
      5. Electric Field Lines++
      6. Conductors in Equilibrium++ [+ extension video]


      1. Electric Charge+
      2. Coulomb's Law+
      3. Fields [Part 1]++ [Part 2]++

APlus Physics

      1. Electric Charge+
      2. Conduction and Induction+
      3. Coulomb's Law+
      4. Electric Fields++

Crash Course

      1. Electric Charge: Crash Course Physics #25+
      2. Electric Fields: Crash Course Physics #26++

Video Tutorial from Monterey: [E-Fields]++ [E-Forces]+ [E-fields in Conductors]++

Video Solutions from Mr. Maloney

      1. 1D force due to two charges
      2. 2D Net force due to two charges
      3. Charged mass suspended in air
      4. 2 Charged Balloons hanging from strings
      5. Where is the net force zero?
      6. Proton in Uniform Electric Field
      7. Electron shot into perpendicular Uniform Electric Field
      8. Charge Hanging at an angle in Electric Field
      9. Where is the Field Zero?



What should you read?

Unit Development

Extra Stuff