Physics C

Welcome to Mr. Maloney's AP Physics C class website at Somerville High School. If you are a student, here you will find everything that has happened in class, along with answers. If you lost your homework problem packet, just download a print a new one, or if you don't have a printer look at the questions on your phone and work them out on a separate piece of paper. As we will try to limit traditional lecture in class, you will find all of the videos that will help to fill in the gaps of the material presented in class. You can even find your text book here. If you are a parent/guardian, you can also see what your student is working on, and have the ability to remind them where they can look if they seem lost, or stuck on some work ... and yes, sometimes their homework will be to watch some YouTube videos. If you are anyone else, feel free to use my materials and incorporate them into your own class, or use them to help yourself or others understand the wonders of Physics. Also, feel free to check out my other classes.

Course Information (Exam: Monday May 04, 12:00-1:30)

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