FabLab PD

Instructor: Mike Maloney (mmaloney@k12.somerville.ma.us)

Meeting Dates

    • Class 1: Monday March 7 (3:00-5:00): SHS Fab Lab (B032)

    • Class 2: Monday March 14 (3:00-5:00): SHS Fab Lab (B032)

    • Class 3: (async) Week of March 21 - March 25

    • Class 4: Monday March 28 (3:00-5:00): SHS Fab Lab (B032)

    • Class 5: (async) Week of March 31 - April 4

    • Class 6: Monday April 11 (3:00-5:00): SHS Fab Lab (B032)


Sticker Upload

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Project Idea Presentation Upload

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Tutorials and Ideas