Vinyl Cutter

Using CutStudio and the Roland GS-24, students learn techniques on how to take 2D images and turn them into vinyl projects. Students will gain proficiency in designing and importing images into CutStudio, loading and setting up the GS-24, cutting vinyl using CutStudio, and finishing their design by weeding and applying transfer material.

  • Model: CAMM-1 GS-24

  • Technology: Precision blades

  • Cutting length: 984.25 in (25000 mm)

  • Cutting width: 22.9 in (584 mm)

  • Cutting force: 30 to 250gf

  • Materials: Vinyl, Flexible Copper Paper, Cloth, plastic sheets and other materials

  • Applications: Signage, cutting flexible electronic circuits, cutting patterns, etc.