This year Engineering at SHS is Open Honors.  What this means is that the Honors Level and the CP Level classes will meet together, and students can decide to opt into either class.  The students will work together, with students opting into Honors doing more complex designs and more complex analysis.  Engineering is meant for students who want to experience what a college career in Engineering/Physics or related subject areas would be like.  It is meant to teach students about the tools, methods, materials, and processes used by engineers.  

This class revolves around several quarter length long-term projects all following the Engineering Design Process, which is similar to the scientific method.  It simulates the freshman university engineering experience by giving students experience with various aspects of the engineer’s life.  Rather than a traditional approach, this course proceeds as a project based class involving several different engineering disciplines including aerospace, civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical and structural.  As students advance through the different units they will learn problem solving, critical thinking, design skills, 3D solid modeling as well as other skills that are vital to becoming a successful engineer. Students are expected to be independent but also able to work well in groups.  Almost all the projects are completed in groups, some in teams of 2, other in larger 3-4 student groups.  Students are also responsible for learning all of the engineering methods, even if the method was another team members duty.  This is an independent student paced class with deadlines, and the student is responsible for keeping up to speed and learning any new techniques, especially 3D solid modeling using Fusion 360 and Creo Parametric.  Students are also expected to independently research any areas of physics that are needed in accomplishing projects.