Unit 05: Electric Circuits

Chapter 22+23 in Knight Book // Chapter 20+21 in OpenStax Online book

Includes Current Electricity, Ohm's Law, DC Circuits

Unit Objectives (what you should end up knowing)

Lecture Videos

Doc Physics

  1. Current from Fields+
  2. Resistance+
  3. Energy and Power+
  4. Ammeters and Voltmeters and how to use them++
  5. Series and Parallel++
  6. Kirchoff's Laws++
  7. RC Circuits (Extension)+++

BU Videos

  1. Watch Duffy video on Current, Voltage, Resistance+
  2. Watch Duffy video on Series and Parallel Circuits++
  3. Watch Duffy video on Kirchoff's Laws++
  4. Watch APPhysics video on RC Circuits+++

Crash Course



Unit Development

Extra Stuff