Unit 04: Electric Potential and Energy

Chapter 21 in Knight Book // Chapter 19 in OpenStax Online book

Includes Electric Potential Energy and Electric Potential

Unit Objectives (what you should end up knowing)

Lecture Videos

Doc Physics Videos on Electric Potential

      1. Electric Potential Equations+
      2. Electric Potential+
      3. Electric Potential of Point Charge+
      4. Equipotential Lines++
      5. Electric Potential of shapes++
      6. Capacitors+++
      7. Dielectrics+++
      8. Combining Capacitors+++

BU Videos by Duffy

      1. Electric Potential Energy+
      2. Electric Potential++
      3. Capacitors+++

APlus Physics

      1. Electric Potential Difference/Potential Energy+
      2. Field and Equipotential Lines++
      3. Capacitors+++


      1. [Potential]
      2. [Capacitors]

Crash Course

      1. Voltage, Electric Energy, and Capacitors: Crash Course Physics #27



Unit Development

What is due?

    • Read Chapter 21 in Knight Book or Chapter 19 in OpenStax Online book and watch Videos
    • Complete Follow Along Notes
    • Sample Problem Packet
    • AP Problem Packet turn in
    • Electric Potential Virtual Lab (Classroom) turn in
    • Equipotential Lines Virtual Lab (Classroom with screen shots) turn in
    • Capacitor Virtual Lab (Classroom) turn in