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MPSA. Find your passion in pharmacy.

Welcome to MPSA - the umbrella that covers our student organizations.

Getting involved with MPSA is as simple as joining one of the many organizations that operate under it. We strive to assist students in their professional growth through creating opportunities to get involved and be exposed to the many facets of pharmacy. If you have any questions, we're here to guide you in the right direction.

Professional Organizations

MPSA's membership fee gains students membership to 5 professional organizations with one additional optional organization of the student's choice. Any optional organization beyond that are associated with additional fees. Click here to see which organization falls under which category.

Patient Care Projects

MPSA members have the opportunity to participate in student-run patient care projects that work to better the health of the members of our local communities by providing blood pressure and cholesterol checks, immunizations, information to improve health, and much more. Click on a name to see if any project sparks your interest!

We are proud of our work!

Education, Outreach, and Professional Development