1. LWCAD 2018 new features

New Features:

Trial mode

New trial mode. In trial mode, you can completely unlock LWCAD for 30 days. Running in trial mode requires an internet connection.

Options panel Mouse Weight & Angle Step

New parameters which defines mouse sensitivity when adjusting handle weights or angles.

Pop-up preset system

New preset system with forward and backward compatibility. File format : XXX.lwcad

Auto UCS corner

New corner mode for Auto UCS initialization

UCS ruler

Dimensions are projected to UCS X & Y axis

Snap Panel SNAP button

Enable & disable snapping

New Tools:


New parametric tool for creating windows. Object can be created from curves, polygons or NURBS.

- using new pop-up preset system for custom sizes and parameters

- basic shapes types (rectangle, arch, triangle)

- custom inner-outer framing and sill

- custom edges and corners

Edge To Railing

New parametric tool for creating railings from selection on existing geometry.

- using selection of curve segments, polygon edges or nurbs surface edges

- using new pop-up preset system

- railing is assembled from five optional layers : rails, sub-rails, posts, sub-posts and fillings

- all profiles can be created with curves or extruded rectangle or circle profile.


New railing tool based on Line Tool.

Updated Tools:


New railing pop-preset, build railing presets from rail tools directly into stair object


- polygons and NURBS mode are synchronized

- new handles placement modes: Segment Ends, Corner Ends, Rail Ends

- new mode for align profile to ground

- new parameter show profile csys

Rect UV & Quad UV

New 'Rect UV Linked' parameter allows to enable-disable linking or rectangle size with UV map size.

- new pop-up preset for UV dimensions

Rectangle,Box,Windoor, Rect Roof, Rect Stair & Wall

- new pop-up presets for size dimensions


- new optional multi-blade mode, with pop-up presets for blades distances