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Lee High SchooL Technology Plan

The mission of the Technology Plan for Lee High School is to uphold the mission of the Lee County Public Schools by supporting the educational environment with technological resources to enable and encourage every student to think creatively, communicate skillfully, and meet the challenges of an ever-changing world community. In the hands of empowered students and teachers, technology can be an important tool for learning. Technology can be a medium for exploration and inquiry, and Lee High feels that it is imperative that we take advantage of how technology can be applied to improve the quality of the instructional program. For our mission to be successful, Lee High believes:

  • Professional development and training in technology enrich all users
  • All users are to be afforded equal and equitable access to technology resources.

Technology Plan Summary

Lee High School prepares on a yearly basis a Technology Plan for purposes of identifying yearly technology goals and initiatives. The plan is focused on specific goals, including technology integration throughout the curriculum, hardware and software upgrades, and professional development opportunities that will enhance the quality of technology use in the school among staff members and students. Our mission is to move Lee High School to the next level of technology integration through careful and creative planning, training and acquisition of necessary resources.