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Mission Statement

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The faculty and staff of Lee High School will provide the highest standard of education to students of all ability levels to enable them to meet the standards of an ever-changing world. We will consistently provide updated technology and innovative educational techniques and strategies to meet the educational, vocational, social, psychological, and physiological needs and interests of our students. We will strive to prepare students to be responsible citizens who have an appreciation for our democratic way of life.


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Welcome to Lee High School. It is the hope of all administrators, faculty and staff that each of you have a successful high school experience. You will be facing changes, unique situations and peer pressures. You will also be learning how to conduct yourself, how to prepare yourself for the future and how to make responsible decisions. Growing into responsible young adults takes effort, regular school attendance, study and respecting the rights of others as well as knowing what is right for you. Academic achievement and citizenship bring their own contributions to your self-esteem. We encourage you to participate in at least one extracurricular activity. It will enrich your school life and present you with the opportunity of meeting new people. Read this LEE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT HANDBOOK along with the STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT AND ATTENDANCE with your parents. Ask one of your administrators or teachers if you have any questions. Students are responsible for knowing the contents of these handbooks.


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A. Absences

Attendance is strictly monitored to meet the 95% attendance mandate of No Child Left Behind legislation. Students who have an excused absence from a class may make up the work providing the student brings an excuse to the Attendance Officer within three (3) days. Students must request make up work within three days of an absence. They are not to assume someone else will take care of this responsibility for them. Students with unexcused absences, including suspensions for the fifth and subsequent times, will not be allowed to make up any missed work. Upon the fifth (5) unexcused absence from school, every effort will be made to have direct contact with the student and the parent. Upon the sixth (6) unexcused absence, a conference is required with parent/guardian. Upon the seventh (7) unexcused absence, enforcement of the compulsory school attendance law occurs through the filing of a CHINS petition with the Lee County Juvenile Court. Early dismissals, tardies, and/or an off campus accumulate toward truancy and all require an excuse for makeup work.

As stated by the Lee County Schools Code of Conduct:

A student will not be absent himself/herself from regular attendance at school. All parents or guardians should make every effort to notify the school when their children are absent.

1. Virginia Compulsory School Attendance Law. Every person having under his or her control a child who will have reached his/her sixth birthday on or before September 30 of any school year and who have not passed the eighteenth birthday shall send that child to school unless exempt by the proper authorities (§22.1-254). Any person violating the preceding section may be guilty of a misdemeanor (§22.1-263).

2. Virginia Truancy Law. Realizing the importance of school attendance in the education of children, the Virginia General Assembly amended the Code of Virginia in 1999 as it relates to truancy. These laws §22.1-254,

§22.1-258 and §22.1-263, apply to the Lee County Public Schools and the Lee County School Interdisciplinary Team. For the agencies represent- ed by the truancy team, the Lee County School Board, the Lee County Department of Social Services, the Lee County Health Department, the Lee County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and the Lee County Child and Adolescent Center, the definition of truancy is as follows:

Whenever a student reaches (7) unexcused absences in a school year and school personnel have been unable to determine the reason for the absence, the student will be considered truant.

3. Lee County School Board Policy. The Lee County School Board rec- ognizes the following reasons for determining if an absence is excused:

1. Doctor or dentist excuse

2. Death in the family or funeral

3. Court appearance

4. School sponsored activities

5. Religious holiday

6. Illness (A parent can excuse a student for an absence due to illness for up to (6) days per year. After exceeding six (6) days absence for illness, the student must provide a doctor’s excuse to continue to qualify for an excused absence.)

7. Late bus

8. Principal excuse (A student and parent/guardian may request an excused absence for extraordinary circumstances or events which may occur in a student’s life. The student and parent/guardian should present documented information as to the nature of the circumstances or events. The principal then has the discretion to declare such absence(s) as excused based on the information presented.)

Excuses are to be turned in within three (3) days of returning to school. All assignments or tests missed due to excused absences may be made up or completed. Grades or credits may be affected if work is not completed, even if the absence is excused. If the absence is excused and the student has completed all work, the teacher will not penalize the student for the absence. It is the responsibility of the student to request make-up work from the teacher within three (3) days after returning to class. The parent/guardian may make the request for the student. The make-up work presented by the teacher will be completed according to the teacher’s requirements and instruction. The length of time given to complete make-up work is a minimum of three school days. It is at the discretion of the teacher based on the length of the absence and the assignments to be completed if additional time is allowed for make-up work. .Make-up work will also be allowed for the first five cumulative days of out-of-school suspension. There will be no make-up work allowed for any out-of-school suspension after five days. All other absences will be unexcused. Class work or tests missed due to unexcused absences are not to be made up, and a grade of “0” will be given for the missed work.

School and class tardies will not be tolerated and will be considered to be a form of truancy and serious misconduct subject to punishment. Tardies, as well as, early dismissals from school, may result in application of the attendance law. With regards to early dismissals, principals shall not release a student during the school day to any person not authorized by the student’s parent/guardian.

Believing that school attendance is directly related to academic achievement, and that attendance in school is also relevant to the formation of good work habits in young people, the Lee County School Board directs that pupils not be promoted or receive class credit if absenteeism exceeds thirteen (13) days for the academic year, unless the work required by the course is completed.

4. Compulsory Attendance Procedures. Student attendance is a cooperative effort and the School Board shall involve parents and students in accepting the responsibility for good attendance. Each parent/guardian or person having control or charge of a child within the compulsory attendance age shall be responsible for such child's regular and punctual attendance at school as required under provisions of the law. A reasonable effort shall be made to contact a parent/guardian of each absent student every day, and to obtain an explanation for the student's absence, where there is no indication that the student's parent is aware or and supports the absence. A log will be kept of all telephone attempts. Students who are absent must bring a valid note stating the reason for the absence upon returning to school. Unexcused absences shall be handled according to regulations in the Code of Virginia. Students shall attend school for a full day unless otherwise excused. Secondary students shall be scheduled for a full school day unless they are enrolled in a cooperative work-study program. All other exceptions to a full day schedule must be approved on an individual basis by the superintendent or designee.

In 2003 Virginia Code § 16.1-260 was amended to allow a juvenile intake officer to divert a juvenile who is a truant from formal court action by developing a truancy plan for that juvenile or placing that juvenile in a local truancy program. If after 90 days the juvenile does not successfully complete the truancy plan or program, then the intake officer shall initiate formal court action.

A. Upon Fifth Absence Without Parental Awareness and Support.

If (1) a student fails to report to school for a total of five scheduled days for the school year; and (2) there is no indication that the student's parent is aware of and supports the absence; and (3) reasonable efforts to notify the parent of the absences have failed, then the Principal or designee shall make a reasonable effort to ensure that direct contact is made with the parent, either in person or through telephone conversation, by the school attendance officer to obtain an explanation for the pupil's absence and to explain to the parent the consequences of continued nonattendance. The school attendance officer, the pupil, and the pupil's parent shall jointly develop a plan to resolve the pupil's nonattendance. Such plan shall include documentation of the reasons for the pupil's nonattendance.

B. Upon Sixth Absence Without Parental Awareness and Support.

If the pupil is absent an additional day after direct contact with the pupil's parent and the school attendance officer has received no indication that the pupil's parent is aware and supports the pupil's absence, the school attendance officer shall schedule a conference within ten school days, which must take place no later than the fifteenth school day after the sixth absence. At the conference, the pupil, the parent, and school personnel, shall meet to resolve issues related to the pupil's nonattendance. Other community service providers may also be included in the conference.

C. Upon Additional Absence Without Parental Awareness and

Support. Upon the next absence after the conference without indication to the school attendance officer that the pupil's parent is aware of and supports the pupil's absence, the Principal or designee shall notify the division attendance officer or Superintendent who shall enforce the compulsory attendance rules by either or both of the following: (i) filing a complaint with the juvenile and domestic relations court alleging the pupil is a child in need of supervision as defined in §16.1-228 of (ii) instituting proceedings against the parent pursuant to §18.2-371 or §22.1-262. In filing a complaint against the student, the attendance officer shall provide written documentation of the efforts already undertaken to resolve the pupil's absence. If the student's parents have joint physical custody of the student and the school has notice of the custody arrangement, then both parents shall be notified at their last known address.

D. Parental Cooperation in Remedying Excessive Unexcused Absences. It is expected that parents will cooperate with the attendance officer and other school officials to remedy the student's attendance problem. Where direct contact with a parent cannot be made, despite reasonable efforts, or where parents otherwise fail to cooperate in remedying the student's attendance problem, the superintendent or the superintendent's designee may seek immediate compliance with the compulsory school attendance laws. The division attendance officer, with the knowledge and approval of the Superintendent, shall institute proceedings against any parent who fails to comply with the requirements of the compulsory attendance laws. Where the complaint arises out of the parent's failure to comply with the requirements of §22.1-258, the attendance officer shall document the school division's compliance with the Code section.

5. Attendance Reporting. Student attendance shall be monitored and reported as required by state law and regulations. At the end of each school year, each public school principal shall report to the Superintendent the number of pupils by grade level for whom a conference was scheduled. The Superintendent shall compile this information and provide it annually to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

6. Dismissal Precautions. Principals shall not release a student during the school day to any person not authorized by the student's parents/ guardian to assume responsibility for the pupil. Students shall be released only on request and authorization of parent/guardian. The superintendent shall provide procedures for release of pupils who are not residing with or under the supervision of a parent/guardian. The burden of proof on the authority of the person to receive the student is on the requesting party. A formal check-out system shall be maintained in each school.

7. Attendance Awards. (1) Perfect Attendance. A student who attends school for one full school year without being absent or tardy from school or class may be considered for a perfect attendance award by the school principal. (2) Excellent Attendance: A student who has been counted present every day during the school year, but who may have been absent from a particular class or classes, may under certain circumstances be considered by the principal of the school to receive an excellent attendance award. This is provided that the student has not been tardy and/or absent from classes (early dismissal or off campus) more than five (5) times during the school year. Absences from class due to being at or on a school sponsored event (e.g. field trip or competition) will not be counted against a student.

B. Attendance

Students have three (3) days to get an excuse to this office. Faxed excuses will be given to this office for processing the day after it is received. No excuse will be accepted that is late, nor will any excuse be accepted that has been altered in any way. It is the student’s responsibility to follow this procedure. Please see the Attendance Officers for any questions.

C. Attendance Awards

  • Perfect Attendance – a student must attend school for one full school year without being absent, tardy, having an off campus or an early dismissal.
  • Excellent Attendance – a student must have been counted present every day during the school year, but may have been absent from a particular class or classes, tardy, off campus, or an early dismissal no more than five (5) times during the school year with/without excuses. A student absent from class for a school sponsored event, trip or competition will be counted present and given an opportunity to make up all missed work.

D. Excuses

During the year each student is allowed six (6) parent excuses. These six excuses may be used in combination or singly for one of these choices: absence, tardy, off campus or early dismissal. Absentee reasons recognized by the Commonwealth are: medical visit, death in the family, court appearance (Court Service must provide a note), senior college visit, military obligation, parent, or principal. A principal’s excuse is given at a parent’s request for extraordinary circumstances or events, which may occur in a student’s life for which they have contacted an administrator by note or phone.

E. Procedure for Early Dismissal/Off Campus/Ride Different Bus

Notes from parents requesting a student’s early dismissal, off campus, or permission to ride a different bus must be presented to the staff of Lee High’s main office prior to the beginning of the school day. Notes will not be accepted after the morning bell rings. Every note must contain the signature of the custodial parent and a phone number. Parents are asked to call the school to verify these notes. Students with notes to leave must be drivers properly registered with a parking permit. These notes to leave ARE NOT Attendance Office excuses. An excuse for this absence from school must be brought to the Attendance Office within three (3) days. Students WILL NOT be checked out by anyone who is not his or her custodial parent, legal guardian, official of the court or from the Lee County Department of Social Services. Anyone else must have prior approval by both a signed note and a phone call from the legal parent/guardian. This applies to 18-year-old students as well. Eighteen-year-olds are under the same guidelines and rules as all other students. If an 18-year-old maintains their own household they must notify Lee High administration and Lee High guidance with proof of their status. When it is established that an 18-year-old student lives independently, they will be allowed to sign for themselves in every circumstance of school life. They may not, however, sign out other students. When all legal procedures are followed as outlined above, students and parents must sign the logbook located in the office before they exit the building. Once a student has signed out, they may not return during the day until they sign the logbook upon their return (as with an off campus). If a student has left the building and returns without signing in, they are trespassing. Teachers are to ask for admit slips.


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Lee High School recognizes that human dignity is the basis for all our relationships and growth. Lee High students, staff, faculty and administrators are asked to adopt the Lee High School Pledge of Respect as part of their personal code:

Respect is the cornerstone of all interactions and behaviors. I acknowledge the dignity and worth of others, and strive never to diminish another by my conduct or by my attitude. I acknowledge diversity and pledge to build community by practicing hospitality, civility and respect.

Misconduct is defined by, but not limited to: Any physical, spoken or written act of abuse, violence, harassment, intimidation, extortion, the use of vulgarity, cursing, or, any restriction or prevention of free movement of an individual. This prohibition applies whether the act is deliberate, intentional or unintentional or is directed toward an individual or group regarding race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, personal characteristics, political or religious ideology; any behaviors leading to disruption, dishonesty, or destruction; any personal grooming/dress causing lack of respect; any participation in any illegal activity. The severity of an offense dictates the consequence. These expectations apply to all facets of school life – at school, at school activities, on transportation, at bus stops, on field trips, and so on. Lee High accepts the procedures and premises set forth in Section 22.1-78 of the Virginia School Law.


Students, along with the approving signature of their parents, have the right to appeal OSS actions taken against them to the next highest authority. See the Appeals Form in the Appendices.

Bus Behavior

All school rules apply to transportation to and from school as well as while waiting or discharging at the bus stop. Bus drivers are staff members and will be treated with respect. Parents are requested to sign a letter of bus expectations and acknowledgments at the beginning of the school year. If it is necessary to ride a different bus occasionally, a parent/guardian signed note must be presented to the office staff before the school day begins. A copy of this note must be presented to the driver before entering the bus. Drivers are not to allow anyone onto their bus without authorization.


We at Lee High School and Lee County Career and Technical Center appreciate the opportunity to provide a quality education for our students. The goal of the dress code is to have a school conducive to learning. Part of education is to help prepare students to make the transition to life after high school successful by knowing how to appropriately dress for success. It is further recognized that student dress has an impact on the learning climate of a school; appropriate appearance has a high correlation to appropriate behavior. We ask that parents and students accept their responsibilities concerning personal appearance. Personal appearance should not disrupt the educational process, call undue attention to the individual, violate federal, state or local health and obscenity laws, or affect the welfare and safety of the student or his/her classmates. In order to promote a safe environment conducive to learning, the standard for personal appearance prohibits the following:

  1. The showing of cleavage, undergarments, see through clothing, tank tops or tops with spaghetti straps are prohibited. Shirts must cover the midriff.
  2. Shorts, skirts, and all slits in clothing shall not exceed 6 inches above the bend of the center of the knee. Holes in clothing are included.
  3. Skin tight clothing, pajamas or lounge pants, sagging or baggy clothing and long outerwear.
  4. Clothing that is disruptive to the educational setting including but not limited to clothing with alcohol, gang, drug, sexual, tobacco, or profane messages.
  5. Head dress, including bandanas, caps, hoods, etc…
  6. Lack of undergarments.
  7. Clothing that touch the floor, frayed garments which pose a safety hazard.
  8. All masks (without doctor’s order) and visible body piercings must be removed, with the exception of earrings.
  9. All body markings and tattoos are to be covered.
  10. Unnatural hair color or styles that are disruptive to the educational setting.
  11. Distracting jewelry or decorations including but not limited to large chains, studded items or similar items.
  12. Eye-wear that is not prescription and is disruptive to the educational setting.
  13. Loose fitting shoes, thong style flip flops, beach style shoes, or spike heels. Shoes that are of a thong type, regardless of material must be secured by an additional heel strap. Shoes must be free of rolling devices.
  14. Book bags, totes, and other oversized bags are to remain in lockers during class periods. Athletic bags are to be left in an area designated by the coach.

*Additional requirements, which will be made known to the student, may be necessary for career and technical education classes.

This is a minimal requirement for dress code at Lee High School and Lee County Career and Technical Center. Exceptions may be made by the administration to the above policies during school spirit activities. Students acting as official representatives of the school in athletics, band, or any other organization may be required to subscribe to a more rigorous dress code. Additional requirements may be needed for lab sciences and Career/Technical classes. These will be provided by the instructor. Additional requirements may be added by the administration as needed.

Students in violation of the dress code will be asked by school personnel to remove the condition which places the student in violation of the dress code. Correction of the condition may require that the student return home for all or part of the day. Students who refuse to follow such direction, or who subsequently return to school and repeat a violation will be punished in accordance with the school’s discipline policy.


  • Altercation Confrontation, tussle, horseplay or OSS

physical aggression not resulting in injury

  • Attendance Violation of state, division or school policy related 7th Unexcused tardy DET

to being in school 8th Unexcused tardy DET

(All offenses may result in the loss of driving privileges) 9th Unexcused tardy ISS

10th + subsequent tardy OSS

Cut class DET, ISS, OSS

Leave class w/o permission ISS – OSS; school w/o permission ISS - OSS

  • Bias, disrespectful, combative behavior Violation of peaceful and moral/ethical environment ISS, OSS

  • Bullying Repeated negative behavior intended to frighten OSS

or cause harm either verbally, physically or in writing

  • Cheating/Plagiarism See policy in Appendices OSS + grade alteration (or policy of school from which course originates)

  • Curse, abusive, profane language Directed toward staff, student, no one in particular Staff: OSS5 Student: OSS3 At large: OSS1

  • Criminal Conviction Convicted of crime other than traffic offense Possible expulsion

  • Damage, deface, destroy Alter school or other person’s property in a negative manner OSS, Legal charges and/or collection of fee for repair or replacement

  • Disorderly Conduct, Insubordination Unwillingness to submit to authority, refusal to respond ISS, OSS and/or legal charges to a reasonable request

  • Disruption of Moment of Silence, Unacceptable behavior during designated times ISS, OSS, Call parent Pledge to Flag, special occasion requiring public decorum

  • Dress/Appearance See school statement. Subject to division policy Confiscation, change clothing, DET, ISS, Call parent

  • Drug – Over the Counter Unlawful use, distribution, sale, solicitation, purchase, OSS, legal charges as needed possession, transportation, or importation of OTC meds

  • Electronic Devices Devices deemed inappropriate in educational setting Confiscation

  • Entertainment Spending school time with non- educational items (cards, etc.) Confiscation, ISS

  • Excessive Public Displays Prolonged and/or repeated and/or inappropriate physical contact Warning , ISS of Affection

  • Extortion Unlawfully obtaining or attempting to obtain item of value from OSS another person causing physical injury/other harm

  • False alarm/threat, Untruthful information: spoken, written, gesture and/or action ISS, OSS and/or Legal charges reporting/information

  • Food fight/throwing Making a mess, not cleaning area, throwing food items, etc. ISS, OSS Cafeteria Detention

  • Gambling Making, placing or receipt of any bet or wager of money or OSS other of value dependent upon the result of a contest, game, or other events with an uncertain outcome

  • Harassment Shoving, throwing objects, repeatedly, to torment, annoy, bother OSS and/or Legal charges

  • Hazing Committing an act or acts against a student or coercing a student OSS and/or Legal charges to commit an act that creates risk of harm in order to be initiated into an organization, group or class

  • Inciting a Riot Unlawful use of force or violence that seriously jeopardizes public safety, OSS peace, or order. Three or more people acting together.

  • Out of Place Student not being where assigned ISS, OSS, Call parent

  • Possible weapons Possessing razor blades, box cutters, fireworks, firecrackers, OSS and/or Legal charges stink bombs, etc. to school, bus or any event

  • Sexual Offenses against Improper, offensive, unwanted physical contact against OSS and/or Legal charges staff or student staff or student and/or expulsion

  • Sportsmanship Behavior unbecoming to a General, threatening or causing harm Loss of attendance privilege to to school/team sporting events, loss of entry fee, ISS, Other
  • Stalking Conduct directed at another person with intent to place that person OSS and/or Legal charges in reasonable fear of death, sexual assault, or injury

  • Tobacco Paraphernalia Bringing and/or possessing tobacco paraphernalia to school or event Confiscation /Electronic Cigarettes

  • Unauthorized use of vehicle Having unauthorized passengers, leaving campus after arrival w/o Loss of parking 10 days and/or permission, illegal parking, etc. remainder of year/ See Appendices

  • Violation of Technology Use Violation of technology according to the division acceptable Warning, Loss of privilege ISS- usage policy OSS or Legal Charge
  • Extortion Unlawfully obtaining or attempting to obtain item of value from

another person causing physical injury/other harm OSS

  • False alarm/threat, reporting Untruthful information: spoken, written, gesture and/or action ISS, OSS and/or Legal /information Charges

  • Alcohol Use, Possession, Sale, Distribution, Consumption, Purchase Legal charges and/or OSS, Expulsion

  • Arson Actual, Attempted Legal charges and/or OSS

  • Assault/Battery Against staff/student with/without weapon Legal charges and/or OSS, Expulsion

  • Malicious Wounding With/without weapon Legal charges and/or OSS, Expulsion

  • Break and Enter Unlawful entry/attempt Legal charges and/or OSS

  • Disorderly Conduct Behavior that substantially disrupts learning process Legal charges and/or OSS, Expulsion

  • Drug Violations Unlawful use/possession/sale/ distribution/gift Schedule drugs, Legal charges and/or OSS, look alike, paraphernalia, inhalants, prescription meds not for Expulsion individual, theft or attempted theft

  • Fighting (Major/Minor) Incident requiring medical attention, or Incident with minor injury, Depending upon injury, scrapes, bruising number of offenses- Legal charges and/or ISS,OSS

  • Gang Activity Ongoing organization, association or group of 3 or more persons Counseling, Legal either formal or informal charges, OSS, and/or Expulsion

  • Homicide Against any person Legal charges, Expulsion

  • Kidnapping Detention against one’s will or of a minor without consent of parent/ guardian Legal charges

  • Robbery Burglary/theft, with/without force (motor vehicles, locker room, locker, etc.) ISS, OSS, Legal charges and/or restitution

  • School Threat Bomb, terrorist, chemical/biological either verbal or written Legal charges, Expulsion

  • Sexual Harassment Unwelcome sexual advance, request, physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature ISS, OSS, Legal charges

  • Sexual Offense Against staff or student: Forcible assault, with/without force, Aggravated sexual Legal Charges, OSS, Expulsion battery against a student less than 15 years old.

  • Tobacco/Electronic Cigarettes Use, possession, sale, distribution ISS, OSS, Refer to court system

  • Threat/Intimidation Against staff/student, verbal/physical ISS, OSS, Legal charges

  • Trespassing Physical presence where not allowed Warning, Legal charges

  • Vandalism Willful and/or malicious destruction of property ISS, OSS, Legal charges and /or Restitution

  • Weapon Possess/Bring to school/school event: Firearm, shotgun/rifle, knife, expels a Legal charges, Expulsion projectile, harmful weapon, explosive or triggering device explosive

Period Remediation (RISS) is for one or more class period(s) during which time the student is given an assignment to complete and return. Not having books, writing instrument, or sleeping are not RISS offenses. In School Suspension (ISS), Detention (DET), After School Detention(ASD) and Out of School Suspension (OSS) are assigned by an administrator. Only OSS action may be appealed. See Appendices.


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A. Accidents

All accidents/injuries must be reported to the student’s immediate supervisor before the student leaves school for the day. A school insurance policy offers secondary coverage for all students; however, it is the responsibility of the student to have the necessary form completed by school officials. These forms are available in the main office or the nurse’s office.

Activity Fee

A five-dollar ($5.00) activity fee is required of each student to help with yearly expenses incurred on behalf of each student.

Alternative School

An alternative form of education is available for certain students.


Oral announcements are made during designated times during the school day. All announcements must be written, dated, signed by a teacher or administrator, and given to the school secretary prior to the beginning of the school day. Only emergency announcements will be made during instruction time.


See form in Appendices.

Arrival at School

All students will enter the building through the main entrance doors. Certain areas of the school are off limits before the first bell. Students will have access to the lobby, Commons, guidance, and the Media Center. A bell at 8:00 A.M. announces entry to the remainder of the building and the vocational bridge. Students arriving late to school will report to the Lee High office. Students who arrive late to school and do not check into the office will be counted absent. Students will not be admitted to class without a tardy slip. Excuses for each tardy to school are to be given to the Attendance Officer within three days.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Meal service at Lee High School is approved by federal and state agencies. Our Food Service is routinely monitored for quality. Breakfast and lunch are free to all students Students are issued an identification number, which will be keyed into a computer before the student exits the food service line. Students are offered several menu choices. Menus are printed in the local newspaper. Students may choose one entrée item, two-vegetables/two fruits/or one vegetable and one fruit, one bread (which may be in combination with the entrée, for example, hot dog or pizza), one dessert and one milk. Food items must be kept in their original containers until the lunch line is exited. Additional milk or entrée items may be purchased.

Career Media Center

Career information is available in a specially designated area of the Media Center.

Class Officers and Elections

Class officers, Mr./Miss LHS candidates, Homecoming candidates, and Student Council representatives are nominated with elections being held at designated times throughout the school year. Class presidents are automatically SCA reps. The following requirements are observed for all candidates during the nomination/election process:

  • A minimum 2.0 GPA for the previous semester
  • Attendance in good standing
  • No discipline/offenses resulting in ISS or OSS during the previous and present semester
  • Be willing to carry out the office/position to best of ability.

Other clubs, organizations, activities may have stricter requirements.

Procedures for becoming a class officer or SCA officer:

  • Listen for appropriate announcement, speak with an SCA sponsor, complete an application according to SCA/school guidelines
  • Expect your application to be screened by sponsors and administration
  • Campaign for one week prior to election
  • Ballots will be distributed: one for each designated class’s offices, and one ballot to all students for SCA officers. If technology is in place elections will be by computer
  • Vote by student body, majority vote wins
  • A committee appointed by the administration will count votes
  • A slate of winners will be published and announced.

Election procedures for Mr. LHS, Miss LHS, and Football Homecoming, etc.:

  • Be nominated as directed and meet the above grade, attendance and discipline requirements
  • Be willing to attend occasion if nominated and to dress appropriately for the occasion
  • Campaign as desired
  • Receive majority of votes.

All nominees and elected officers represent Lee High School. Officers preside over class meetings, conduct business, guide goals and projects, and cooperate with their sponsors and administration for the betterment of Lee High School. SCA officers represent LHS at conventions and other public functions. They act as liaisons with administration, students, faculty and community. Class offices are: president, vice-president, secretary, and three SCA representatives. SCA officers are: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and historian.

J. Class Rank

Grade Point Averages (GPA) will be used to determine class rank. The following procedures/policies will be followed in determining GPA:

  • Students must attend four (4) full years at the high school level (grades 9-12) in order to be ranked.
  • GPA will be determined by dividing the quality points totaled by the number of courses taken.
  • Beginning with the ninth grade class of 2001-2002,
  • Only those seniors who have earned verified credits and will receive an advanced diploma will be considered for valedictorian, salutatorian, or honor student.
  • Students who pass a course, but wish to repeat the course in order to improve their grade may do so only one time. The higher grade will be used in calculating GPA.

K. Class Rings

When class rings are ordered, a deposit is required at the time the ring is ordered. Class rings can only be ordered by those students meeting the requirements of entering the Junior or Senior year. Anyone ordering a ring that is not entitled to do so may lose the deposit.

Course Offerings

See the Guidance Department for the official listing of course offerings and requirements.


Dances are sponsored by clubs, organizations and/or classes. A dance must have a sponsor and must have prior approval from the principal. All procedures for the dance will be approved and announced prior to ticket sales. Sponsors are responsible for accounting, chaperoning and cleaning up.


A student debt is the legal responsibility of that student and/or his parent/guardian. Debts should be paid as they are incurred. Debts remain throughout a student’s high school career and are often requested by future employers. Debts are often caused by non-returned uniforms, unaccounted fund raising money, club money, lost or damaged textbooks, lost library materials, damaged or lost school property, etc. If an individual incurs a debt in the name of Lee High School and has not been authorized to do so, Lee High School is not responsible for the debt.

Diploma Requirement

Different diplomas have different requirements. See guidance or visit the Virginia Department of Education homepage at:

Directory Information

Should the local school board elect to designate and make public Directory Information, it shall give annual written and public notice indicating the categories of data designated as Directory Information and the right of refusal by a student for the disclosure of such data. After such notice has been given, a reasonable time, not more than fifteen (15) days shall be given for a parent or eligible student to notify the school in writing if any or all such information about the student should not be disclosed without prior consent. In the absence of a request for non-disclosure, the school may disclose such information in accordance with the local school board policy. The school is not required to maintain a record of disclosure of Directory Information. Certain agencies may exchange information with the school on an as-needed basis: Juvenile Court System and the Department of Social Services.

Eighteen Years Old

If a student maintains their own household, with proof of such on file in the office and with the Guidance Department, an 18 year old student may check themselves out of school with proper excuses for absences, and receive mailings pertinent to their school records. Otherwise, an 18-year-old student must follow school rules applicable to all other students.

Evacuation Procedures for Emergencies

See Lee County Policy. Also, see Section V in this Handbook.

Exam Information

Exams are not required; however, Dual Enrollment students take exams at the discretion of the teacher. Exams in other classes may also be at the discretion of the teacher.

Fund Raising

School organizations should make every effort to keep fund raising to a minimum with no loss of instructional time. All sales and fund raising programs are to be coordinated through the principal/designee by requesting permission to conduct a fundraiser. Such requests will then be submitted to the school board for approval. Sales of candy or food products that would interfere or compete with the school food service are prohibited. Sales or solicitation by non-school groups are prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the school board.

Grade Promotion/Placement

If there are extenuating circumstances or hardship cases which would justify early graduation for the benefit of the student or the student’s family, then the matter would be referred to a school committee which, if approved, would refer the matter to the superintendent for final approval to the Board. If totally approved for early graduation, the student would not be ranked.

Graduation Information

The senior interview is the graduation declaration. Each prospective graduate must meet with a guidance counselor to review records and to insure that all requirements for graduation are in place. All seniors must complete all the requirements of the senior interview. Guidance will announce all changes, dates, and other pertinent information regarding graduation. The Lee County School Board determines graduation day. Invitations and other supplies may be ordered from the graduate’s dealer of choice; however, the school provides access to one company of their choice to come to the school to take orders. It is through this company that all robes, caps, and tassels must be ordered.

Guidance Services

Counselors are prepared to help students and parents who have questions or need assistance with course work, grades, course selections, testing, career planning, college preparation, and personal and/or behavioral problems. Students may see a counselor before or after school, during study hall, or any time for emergencies. Appointments may be made during class only with the teacher’s prior permission. Scholarship opportunities are listed at the beginning of each school year and updated monthly. All announcements are made through every school venue. Guidance personnel conduct interviews to assess student progress and to plan a student’s high school career. Parents and students are required to sign all interviews and scheduling documents.

X. Hall Passes

Students anywhere in the building during instructional time must have an official school pass. The principal will direct records of such passes. Students from study halls will travel to library or guidance with a special class roster provided by the teacher. Hall passes are provided for students with medical conditions. These medical passes must have a doctor’s approval on file and the pass will be signed by administration. Regular and medical passes are only good for the restroom, a locker, or the office. Media and/or guidance passes are only good for those two destinations. Passes will not be used to go to another teacher’s room, the snack machines, the telephone, across the bridge, the locker room, the field house or the parking lot.

Y. Homebound Policy

Virginia Code dictates the procedures for obtaining homebound instruction. Call Lee County School Board Office at 346-2107 for further information

  • Short term homebound instruction (10 days or less)
      • Homebound teacher is required to consult with the regular teacher(s) concerning assignments, grading procedures, and SOL needs.
      • Grades are joint responsibility of the HB instructor and the regular teacher. Grades must be reported within five days of the student’s return to regular school.
  • Long term homebound instruction (over 10 days)
      • It is the responsibility of the HB instructor to contact Lee High Guidance for a subject list and for arrangement of books.
      • It is the responsibility of the HB instructor to conduct classes for the student they have contracted to teach.
      • Grades must be posted in Guidance once the grading period is over. Grades-to-date must be posted in Guidance if the student returns prior to the ending of the grading period.
      • Grades must be posted to Guidance on the day the student returns to school.

Homebound instructors are responsible for SOL preparation and meeting testing dates if applicable to the student. If the student is a senior it is imperative to stay in communication with Guidance regarding graduation obligations.

A mailbox is provided in the Lee High Office for HB instructors. It is imperative for parents, students, and all instructors to understand that high school subject areas are not all suited nor are they adaptive to homebound instruction. It is highly likely that credit will not be earned in some classes when a student becomes homebound.

Home Schooling

Regulations for home schooling students are outlined in the Code of Virginia. Contact the Lee County School Board Office at 346-2107 for further information.

AA. Internet Use and Policy

The Internet is to be used for educational purposes only. Access to the Internet through the school’s equipment is a privilege and not a right. As such, your privilege to use the equipment can be revoked for the improper use of the equipment. All students and parents are required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy that more clearly defines proper use of the Internet for educational purposes. Students will not be allowed to use the Internet until the AUP is signed and returned.

BB. Lockers

Only a school lock can be placed on a locker. This lock may be purchased in the office at a cost of $5.00 and may be used by the student throughout their high school career. The school retains the right to inspect student lockers for any reason at any time without notice, without student consent or presence, and without a search warrant. Lee High School is not responsible for any items placed in lockers. Announcements will inform students as to procedures for purchasing and selecting locations of lockers. No locker decorations will be allowed on the outside of lockers.

CC. Lunch Contracts

Not applicable to the 2019-2020 handbook

DD. Married Students and/or Emancipated Minors

Married students must file notice of such status with Guidance as soon as possible. Those students who wish to become emancipated minors must file through the Lee County Juvenile Court. Just because a student is married does not mean that student is emancipated. If an emancipation order is entered for any student excusing that student from compulsory attendance in public school, a copy of that order must be filed with Guidance.

EE. Media Center

The Media Center or Library is open before normal school hours and remains open following the close of school. Hours are posted in the library. Procedures for using the Computer Lab, checking books out, study hall visits, Internet use, book policies, and general behavior rules will be posted and will be explained to classes by the staff.

FF. Medications/Medical Emergencies

Medications to be taken during the school day must be brought to school by the legal parent/guardian accompanied by an order from a physician. This procedure must also be followed for over the counter meds. All medications must be kept in the nurse’s office, unless the physician orders certain items to be kept in the student’s control. Meds are kept in a secure office environment. Documentation of each administration of medicine and/or treatment is kept in the nurse’s office.

Lee High reserves the right to refuse to administer meds to students who will not follow directions. Lee High staff is not responsible for forcing or for reminding students to take their medication. Prudent judgment will direct staff to seek first aid, to call for emergency transportation or to make any necessary decision for the safety and well being of the student. Parents are responsible to supply the school with necessary phone/names of contacts for emergency situations.

GG. New Students

Any student entering Lee High School must have evidence of complete immunization. Call the Guidance Department or the Lee County Health Department for a full listing of required immunizations. Students entering from outside the Commonwealth must also have a birth certificate, a social security card, and proof of a physical examination with immunizations by a licensed physician.

HH. Parking

Student parking is a valued privilege, not a right. Students will comply with driving/parking regulations. Student parking permits are $15.00. Reserved parking, if available, will be an additional purchase. Permits must be displayed in the vehicle for which it was purchased. Students park in any Lee High parking lot at their own risk. See Appendices for parking application containing additional information.

II. Physical Education

Students must change clothes for P.E. classes. Clothing must be a tee shirt, shorts or sweatpants and tennis shoes. These items must be comfortable so as to allow participation in all class activities. Personal hygiene is strongly encouraged through use of facilities provided in the dressing rooms. No personal items should be left unattended in the locker room. Locks may be purchased in the office for $5.00. These locks are personal possessions of the student and are to be used on a gym locker only. Neither Lee High nor any teacher is responsible for items left in the locker room, gym, or dressing room.

JJ. Prom

The prom is the responsibility of the junior class. The class sponsors determine prom ticket prices in accordance to the success of fundraisers. See the junior class sponsors for complete knowledge of all procedures related to the prom.

KK. Publications

  • Daily: Absentee report; printed and verbal announcements, AlertNow call-line to parents (if necessary)
  • Weekly: Activity Schedule; Menu in local paper
  • Monthly: Menu to post in each classroom
  • As needed: Letters to parents; SOL information; Grade Reports; Announcements through local media
  • Disbursed as appropriate: Lee County Student Code of Conduct and Attendance; Lee High School Student Handbook; Lee High Athletic Handbook; Lee High Teacher Handbook; Lee High Handbook for Cooks; Lee High Handbook for Custodians; Lee High Handbook for Substitutes.
  • A large school calendar with all the school year activities is posted in the Lee High office. Lee County School Calendar is published in this book’s Appendices.

LL. Report Cards

Grade reports are distributed to all students five school days after the end of each grading period unless this date falls on a Friday, then, reports will be distributed on the following Monday. Progress reports are distributed four times per year at the midpoint of each nine week grading period. Students and parent/guardian must work together to see that these reports are seen by all involved. Final report cards may be picked up in the Lee High office at the end of the school year. If a grade report does not appear to be official please call the school for verification.

MM. Schedule Changes

Refer to Lee County School Policy LC-110. Requests for changes of curriculum, diploma type, etc. must be made by the legal parent/guardian in person. The principal must approve all changes. The administration reserves the right to change a student’s schedule on a case-by-case basis due to changing circumstances if it is deemed in the best interest of the student/school.

NN. Scholastic Awards Program

Each spring near the ending of the school year an awards program honors those students who have excelled in academics. Special awards and scholarships are presented. Attendance recognition is also given to qualifying students. A faculty committee plans, organizes, and schedules the awards program.

OO. School Finances

Unauthorized expenditure of money is not permitted. All accounts are audited. Any group making a purchase must get approval and signatures of both the sponsor and the principal. Sponsors are responsible to the bookkeeper. All purchases must be on a purchase order signed by the principal. Purchases in excess of $2,000 require at least three bids. Sponsors are to turn in any collected money daily to the bookkeeper with proper audit control forms. Students must be given a written receipt for any money turned in to a sponsor.

PP. Searches and Seizures

Lee County School Board Policy, the Commonwealth of Virginia Code and regulations of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department will be followed. Students should expect vehicles, lockers, coats, bags, and other carry items to be subjected to searches.

QQ. Telephone Use

The office telephone is for business only. Office staff will assist students by phoning in an emergency situation. Neither students nor teachers will be called from classes to answer the phone except in an emergency. Cell phones are prohibited on school campus.

RR. Textbook Rental Agreement

Students and legal parent/guardian assume full responsibility for all books issued to them. They must agree to replace or pay for any or all books, lost, destroyed or damaged beyond normal use. Stolen books are the responsibility of the student/legal parent/guardian. Students/legal parent/guardians must agree to all terms of the book contract. Certain classes have special equipment or instructional aids provided for students. A separate contract for these items has the same legal status as the textbook rental agreement.

SS. Traffic Control

The following parking flow plan is to be observed:

  • Buses: 1) Morning - Unload near the front doors of the school;
  • 2) Afternoon – Line up in the parking lot facing the auditorium.
  • Teachers: 1) Lee High - park on the east side of the building or in designated lot.
  • Janitors & Cooks: Park on the west side of Lee High building behind the Commons.
  • Students: 1) Regular-park in the reserved student parking lot, if qualified, or in the general parking lot, both on the north end of the Lee High building; 2) Handicapped-park behind Commons, east of the auditorium or directly in front of the auditorium.
  • Visitors: Park in the designated visitor spaces in front of Lee High.

The following traffic flow plan is to be observed:

  • No vehicles are to pass a loading or unloading bus
  • Speed limit in front of the school is 25 mph while on the campus the limit is 10 mph
  • Parking in places reserved for handicapped and parking in the bus zone is prohibited
  • Do not park near the front entrance to Lee High from 2:30 p.m. until the buses clear the campus
  • Private vehicles transporting students to school are to unload at the north entrance of Lee High, unless it is after the school day has begun, then students must enter through the main doors to report to the office
  • Private vehicles transporting students home at the end of the day should line up between the rows of faculty parked cars. Do not try to exit the lot before the buses!

TT. Transcripts

Transcripts are requested through the Guidance Department. Transcripts are free to current Lee High students and for one year following graduation. Thereafter, there is a $2 charge per transcript. When a signed request is received from another school for a transcript, we will fill that request without any other mailings of notification.

UU. Trespassing

Any person using the school facilities or present on school property without appropriate authorization is considered to be trespassing and may be asked to leave. Refusal to cooperate may result in possible referral to appropriate law enforcement agencies and possible suspension or expulsion of a student. Suspended or expelled students, homebound or home-schooled students who return to school without authorization of an administrator will be considered trespassing. Any visitor/parent who does not check in with the office before moving through the building is considered to be trespassing.

VV. Visitors

All visitors must report to the office immediately upon entering the building and obtain a pass from the principal/designee. Visiting time from professional agencies is welcomed within a time that does not interfere with instruction. Appointments should be prearranged. Any family member or relative wishing to visit a student must make arrangements with the principal prior to the visitation. Non-Lee High students are not permitted as passengers on Lee County buses. Students may not bring friends/relatives to school to attend classes with them, to visit during lunch, or at any other time during the day. Parents are not allowed to visit classrooms during instructional time without prior permission from the principal. Appointments to observe a class may be scheduled with the principal prior to the day of the visit. When visitors are given a pass, it is for a specific place and they are not allowed to wander around the building.

Work Release Program

Any student excused for early dismissal to travel to a place of employment must sign out in the office and leave the building immediately. They are not allowed to sign out early, sign for someone else, or to take anyone with them without prior permission.


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Lee County Public Schools has an official emergency procedure handbook adopted in 2004. No publication is complete when attempting to list all possible procedures. There is no substitute for sound judgment and training. Parents and students should have a plan for days when school is dismissed early, when illness occurs, or for any of several situations that could occur during the normal course of daily living. Parents should listen to local radio and television stations for announcements for weather delays or dismissals. Do not call the school or personnel at home; that only ties up the phone and line of procedure for messages. The Lee High office should be immediately notified of any emergency or potentially dangerous situation located on our campus. Always be alert, be cautious, and act promptly, and most of all use common sense when dealing with any situation.


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Participation in student organizations is desirable and encouraged. It is hoped that students will become active members of at least one organization during their high school career. Any student who meets the criteria for membership may become a member by making application and following the organizational procedures. A student may be a member of more than one organization and may also hold membership in the SCA, Beta Club and Pep Club. No student may hold office in more than one organization. Make yourself aware of membership drives, meeting times, and duties of the organization. All organizations are subject to sponsorship.

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Participation in athletics serves to develop the student emotionally and intellectually as well as physically. Participation develops a sense of responsibility, leadership and pride within the student and within the school. It promotes sportsmanship, community spirit and a general improvement of physical abilities. To participate on an athletic team requires a student to pass five subjects within the previous semester and to be enrolled in at least five subjects in the current semester. Students must also comply with all rules set forth by the Virginia High School League, rules and regulations outlined in the Lee High School Athletic Handbook and any policy of the Lee County School Board. The following sports are available at Lee High School: All sports at Lee High School have eligibility for grades 9-12.

*Eligibility may apply to 8th grade students pertains to JV sports. An 8th grade team is available for 8th grade students only who have met the academic requirements.

GENERAL ADMISSION FOR ATHLETIC EVENTS – Ticket prices vary with each sport and are posted and announced. Lee High does not determine ticket prices. For the latest information on individual and group priced tickets contact the Lee High Athletic Director.

SPORTSMANSHIP – Spectators, athletes and coaching staff should be ever mindful of their position as a representative of Lee High School and of the community it serves. Courtesy, respect, clean language and good manners should be in evidence at all times to players, fellow fans from both teams, coaches, and officials. After all, this is a high school with students in grades 9-12 who are learning what it is like to be an adult. They are looking for models of decorum and good taste.


*August 2 Football, Cheerleading

*August 2 Golf

*August 2 Cross Country, Volleyball, Theatre, Forensics, Scholastic Team

*November 15 Basketball, Wrestling

*February 21 Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Outdoor Track

BOOSTER ORGANIZATIONS – Lee High appreciates the support and endless hours of work given for our teams. All booster organizations operate under the auspices of Lee High School but debt incurred by any such organization is not the responsibility of Lee High School or the Lee County School Board.

Lee High Bell Schedule

Regular Schedule

Breakfast 7:35-8:00

Homeroom 8:05-8:15

1st Block: 8:20-9:50

2nd Block: 9:55-11:25

3rd Block: 11:30-1:30

A lunch: 11:30-11:55

B lunch: 11:55-12:20

C lunch: 12:20-12:45

4th Block: 1:35-3:05

2-Hour Delay

Breakfast 9:35-10:00

Homeroom 10:05-10:15

1st Block: 10:20:11:20

2nd Block: 11:25-12:40

A lunch 11:25-11:50

B lunch 11:50-12:15

C lunch 12:15-12:40

3rd Block: 12:45-1:55

4th Block 2:00-3:05

12:05 Dismissal Schedule A

Breakfast: 7:30-8:05

Homeroom: 8:05-8:15

1st Block: 8:20-9:50

2nd Block: 9:55-12:05

A lunch: 11:00-11:25

B lunch 11:25-11:40

C lunch 11:40-12:05

Dismissal 12:05

12:05 Dismissal Schedule B

Breakfast: 7:30-8:05

Homeroom: 8:05-8:15

3st Block: 8:20-9:50

4nd Block: 9:55-12:05

A lunch: 11:00-11:25

B lunch 11:25-11:40

C lunch 11:40-12:05

Dismissal 12:05