Rhyming Riddles

Some of these have been used in performances and lessons for KS1 pupils.

Rhyming Riddles About Things That You Might Push or Pull

All aboard and off we go,

Push me through the slush and snow,

Then pull me up an icy hill,

Race back down, it’s such a thrill.

Of course you’ve guessed it.

I’m a sledge.

I’ll carry your things if you push me around,

In ASDA or Tesco, it costs you one pound.

Wheel me around; I will carry your shopping,

Past baked beans and tea bags, starting and stopping,

Fill me with cabbages, crisps and ice lollies.

Can you guess what I am?

A supermarket trolley!

I’m the thing that you must pull

If you have a bath that’s full,

Sometimes I hang on a silvery chain,

I stop the water going down the drain.

Push me into place, nice and snug.

Guess what I am?

I’m a bath plug.

You pull me onto your feet, over your toes,

Then put your shoes on; that’s how it goes.

Pull me up if I fall down,

I come in every colour; multi striped or boring brown,

At the end of the day put me in the laundry box,

Guess what I am.

I’m a pair of socks.

You push us when you want to speak,

To friends who aren’t with you,

But you must get the numbers right,

Whatever else you do.

Always, you will find ten of us,

We are never alone,

Tell me have you guessed it yet?

We’re buttons on your phone.

If you don’t clean me every day,

I’ll rot and go green with decay,

And you might cry and scream and shout,

When the dentist pulls me out,

I’m telling you the awful truth,

Guess what am I?

Yes, I’m a tooth.

Read the riddle below, then wait for the answer to be revealed....

Rhyming Riddles About people Who Help Us

This white coat wearing person is able and willing

To fill rotten teeth with much needed fillings

If you don’t clean your teeth every day

This is the person who will take them away

But this person isn’t someone who wants to cause a fright

They just want to help you have a smile that’s white and bright.

Who is this person?

A dentist.

This is a person who gets up early in the day,

And helps school children to go on their way,

In a bright yellow jacket and a peaked cap,

Helping children cross the road so there’s no mishap,

Ensuring that the traffic comes to a stop,

This person carries red and yellow lollipop!

Who is this person?

A lollipop man or lollipop lady.

If you’ve had an accident and things aren’t going fine,

You pick up the phone and dial 999,

These are the people who give you first aid,

Then take you to hospital if you’re hurt and afraid,

A special vehicle with flashing lights is what they drive,

Without them many people would not survive.

Who are these people?


If your hair is like a jungle that’s flowing down your face,

And your Mum or Dad says you look a disgrace,

This is a person who is good with scissors,

They work in a salon with shampoo and mirrors,

And if your hair is greasy, grotty and quite grim,

This person will wash it and then give you a trim.

Who is this person?

A hairdresser or barber.

This is a person who works really hard,

Dusting and polishing and sweeping up the yard,

Maybe in houses, offices or schools,

With bleach, mop and bucket, all used as tools,

This person helps us by giving up their time,

To make everywhere sparkle, free from germs and dirt and grime.

Who is this person?

A cleaner or janitor.

Rhyming Riddles About Places In The World

Guess where I’ve been:

The place that I have travelled to

Is famous for the digeridoo

And a giant landmark called Uluru

It’s home to wallabies and kangaroos

Guess where I’ve been.


Guess where I’ve been:

This continent is home to the Masai Mara

And the large sandy desert of the Sahara

I went on safari here and to lake Turkana

I saw elephants, hippos, giraffes and impala.

Guess where I’ve been.


Guess where I’ve been:

This is a country where the Nile river flows,

And through its dry deserts the khamsin wind blows,

This country is famous for a Sphinx without a nose;

The pyramids at Giza, mummies and pharaohs.

Guess where I’ve been.


This country is famous for mountains and lakes;

Europe’s largest glacier and people who make,

Cheese that’s full of holes, and clocks that never break,

Keeping perfect time, they never make mistakes.

Guess where I’ve been.


To get to this country you needn’t go far,

You could swim the channel, or take your car,

Onto the ferry, or go by Eurostar,

And once you’ve arrived there, you might say, “Voila!”

Guess where I’ve been.


The religion of most people here is Hindu,

Though Muslims, Christians and Sikhs live here too,

This country’s first prime Minister was Jawaharlal Nehru,

The Taj Mahal is the place the tourists all flock to.

Guess where I’ve been.


Rhyming Riddles :Guess What I Am

I’m warm and soft. Hear me purr,

People like to stroke my fur,

Shiny, sleek and smooth as silk

I eat mice and I drink milk.

Although I’m fluffy, in my paws

I hide my needle sharp, curled claws,

And I’ve got fangs like a vampire bat.

What am I?

I am a cat.

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