Sonnet For My First Two Wheeler

Post date: Jul 10, 2014 9:20:23 PM

Sonnet For My First Two Wheeler

It shone metallic purple with white wheels,

Mud scuffed and loved by dusk on Christmas Day,

I blamed it for missed curfews and cold meals,

Backpacking picnics for long days away,

One day, Dad took the stabilisers off,

This two-wheeled bike I’d have to learn to ride,

My parents watched me wobble, and did scoff,

At tantrums as I cast my bike aside,

And left it lying unloved in the road,

My red eyes full of rage and angry tears,

Though salt solution cried could not corrode,

My urge to get back on and beat the fear,

Determination dries eyes and time heals;

I won my prize and set forth on two wheels.

Copyright Helên Thomas