Tingle In The Netherlands is an electro-pop collaboration between poet Helên Thomas and electronic musician Owen J based in Manchester UK. We have been creating music together since 2009. Musically, others have described our sound as being reminiscent of bands such as Kraftwerk, Ladytron, Chris & Cosey, Severed Heads, Soft Cell, Human League and Vince Clarke. These comparisons reflect many of Owen’s musical influences which would also include bands such as Liaisons Dangereuses, Tuxedomoon, Danielle Dax and YMO.

While Owen creates the majority of the music Helên provides most, but not all, of the lyrics as well as contributing some vocal melodies. Our eclectic sound has led to us being played at numerous events and clubs including Club Lash and Analogue Trash at Legends, Manchester; Bed Supperclub Bangkok; The Whitby Goth Weekend and numerous clubs in London, Berlin and Tokyo.

We have been played on the radio in the US and Argentina; on Dandelion Radio in the UK; local radio in Manchester and have been asked to create a mix for The Garden of Earthly Delights on CRMK Radio. Our first EP, ‘Prostitute's Handbag’ was released in 2010 and included a remix, by Atomizer, of the title track. ‘Prostitute's Handbag’ reached number 11 in the Dandelion Radio Festive Fifty 2010, receiving votes for the original version and the Atomizer remix.

In February 2013 our debut album ‘Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change?’ was released on the Nerve Echo label, and is available to buy from http://www.nerveecho.com, Bandcamp and iTunes. Although we have performed at Ste McCabe’s Pussywhipped event in Manchester, we consider ourselves to be a studio band so currently do not have any plans to perform live.

In 2020 we released 'Gwyneth Paltrow's Cunt'. NSFW obvs.

Contact Tingle In The Netherlands via the label: http://www.nerveecho.com

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“Cool, atmospheric, witty, clever, poetic, funny and demented. This is definitely an EP you ought to check out if you like Erasure, Kraftwerk, New Order, Yazoo and others. It’s tons of fun with no doom and gloom or heavy preachy lyrics.” Alannah Murphy - In the Night

"If you're not into songs about whores, intergalactic caretakers or perverted horror stories then it's clearly best to avoid these songs. However if you're looking for this type of thing and you'd like to hear it set to some brilliantly dark electro-pop melodies, then Tingle In The Netherlands are probably just the thing you want. The title track of the 'Prostitute's Handbag' EP sounds like a sleazy Kraftwerk, complete with the priceless lyric "made in China, bought with vagina." Mr Scott - mrscottmusicblog

“Tingle In The Netherlands has the 80s dry-ice-euro-disco-gloss of a Pet Shop Boys / Giorgio Moroder team up with lyrical inspiration from Christopher Isherwood” Dave Collins - Level 4 Magazine.

“Helên T and Owen J are the second coming of Yazoo’s Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke in an absurd parallel world. Together as the bizarre duo Tingle In The Netherlands, they are taking electro-pop to the next level with deep poetry and clever electro twitches. ” Diego Martínez - thewildmagazine.com/blog

“Tingle In The Netherlands are one of the few bands whose music lives up to the excellence of their name, and they also earned a deserved high entry in the festive fifty last year with the scorching 'Prostitute's Handbag'.” Mark Whitby - Dandelion Radio

“Seldom does quality humour and breathtaking electronic compositions come together in one unit...its the 1% like this that reminds me that ultimately 99% of new music found on the interweb is truly shite!” the saucer people - Ripped In Glasgow comments strand

“A mixture of effects-laden male speech on some tracks, and hilarious female singing on others. It's been a long time since the vocals in an electronic track made me laugh, but a few on here do just that. Magnificent stuff.” rippedinglasgow.blogspot.com

“think discarded pet shop boys lyrics found in a dark room produced by anne clark (if she actually had a sense of humour.)” stellavista.tumblr.com

“Again, the lyrics are mad genius.” Alannah Murphy - In the Night

“More electro disturbance of the highest order!! Shagging the milkman - you fucking rule!!” Bobby Agent - Lovely fan

“Hi Helên and Owen. I'm loving your work. It's a clever mix of humour and serious comment. Refreshing and unique. ” 'Speedy' - Photographer “ I can't stop listening to the Prostitute's Handbag EP. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Pierre Skene - Satisfied customer.

“Your lyrics are brilliant - thank you for sharing! My best wishes, Vlad Quigley ” Vlad Quigley - London Gothic Punk Artist

“Love it! Its like a cross between `Knightrider` and David Attonbrough at 4AM in a really cool house party. You should do a collab with the Girobabies :)” Mark McG (talking about the track 'Mammals') - The Girobabies

“'Mammals' is a witty wonderful journey into the point blank accuracy of the absurd.” Gerry Potter - Performance Poet “ I love getting lost in A Forest Of Cocks; your words are a hypnotic brainstorm. Delicious.” Bobby Agent - Fabulous fan on facebook

“Hey there, lovin the 80's electronic feel. Sounds like Vince Clarke has produced the tracks you have posted here. I lost my heart.....dripping flash in hyperspace. Quality” Big Drum Records

“I am listening to and loving ...Tingle in the Netherlands 'PROSTITUTE's HANDBAG' remixed by Atomizer !!!! Best line of the Decade .. 'made in China ..paid for by Vagina ' I promise to play it Twice at REHAB Tomorrow Night !!!!” Goo Bee - DJ at REHAB Bangkok.

“T I T N is surely the resulting lovechild of a lime Jelly Orgy with Gorgio Moroder Vince Clarke and Percy Bysshe Shelley.” Musician - Mog Hartley

“ It's heartening to see a modern beat combo so in love ..conjouring up memories of say...sunny and chair, Elton and Kiki ( a frog from hectors house) and Dollar. ” Digital Smudge

“Tingle In The Netherlands makes me wanna run into the grocery store and get naked in the produce aisle.” Dr Benway - (The artist formerly known as Newamba)

“I like being trapped in a Forest Of Cocks. It's squishy.” Jon - off myspace

“I listen tae them everyday because I have no life.” Seedhill Bruiser - Melancholy reclusive gay folk musician.

“'A FOREST OF COCKS' is like The Mighty Boosh meeting Gary Numan and Sarah Brightman.” Rosemary Dun - Poet, performer and promoter of 'Big Mouth Cabaret'