Elegy for My Lost Luggage

Post date: Aug 15, 2014 7:36:37 PM

Elegy for My Lost Luggage

I flew in last night on a plane from Rome,

On a turbulent flight, but I survived,

And now all I want to do is go home,

But none of my suitcases have arrived.

So, now I’m trapped in this terrible place,

Stuck in the airport awaiting my fate,

Just hoping my baggage and large suitcase,

Will be found, safe and sound; won’t that be great?

Oh woe, I cannot believe that my bags,

Could disappear, but I fear that they’re lost?

I labelled each one quite clearly with tags,

To replace them all will be such a cost.

Will I again see my best shiny shoes;

My brightly shimmering silk kimono,

Can I sue the airline; how did they lose

My cases, oh, does anyone here know?

Oh no, I’ve lost my best coat and sarong,

My, red football top, my pink lucky pants,

Where have my riding boots and fur hat gone?

Are my cases in Spain, Belgium or France?

When will I touch my warm wool socks again,

Or go ballroom dancing in my blue gown?

Will someone find my bags, please tell me when,

I’ll see my tweed skirt that’s spun green and brown?

My luggage has vanished into thin air,

Is it in Venice, does anyone care?

Did someone take it thinking it was theirs?

Perhaps it’s been blown up in a bomb scare!

My lovely lost luggage I now lament,

My trousers and blouses, oh where can they be?

If anyone knows where my luggage went,

I hope they’ll kindly return it to me?

© Helên Thomas

Picture from 'The Telegraph' 31st July 2014