Sunburn Blues

Post date: Jul 16, 2014 4:17:09 PM

The weather forecasters, here in the UK, are predicting a heatwave by the end of this week, so it seems like a good time to post this educational poem about the perils of forgetting your sunscreen. This is a poem for two voices, the first being smug and critical, deriding the misfortune of the second voice which is that of someone who is suffering from a serious case of the 'Sunburn Blues'.

"Well, I can tell by your dreadful, red, blistered, burnt face,

That you left your sunscreen packed in your case!

Your ugly mug looks cooked, sizzled like a sausage fried,

Your wrinkled skin’s all wizened, like tomatoes when sun dried."

"Yes, I’ll tell you now; I’ve got the sunburn blues,

I spilled my tube of sunscreen, so I couldn’t use,

Any sun tan cream, and now I really feel,

Like a flaky fool, coz my skin’s begun to peel,

It’s crinkly-crimson, crispy as bacon,

Coz I was snoozin’ as the sun was bakin’,

I was sleepin’ on the beach and so I forgot,

To take care of my skin when the sun was scorchin’ hot.

Oh Yeahhhhh!"

"I always wear a hat so I don’t get dazed and dazzled,

I slop on loads on lotion, so my pink skin won’t get frazzled,

If I’m swimming in the ocean, I slap on factor fifteen

But you look like you’re wearing a mask for Halloween!"

"I know, I know, my face looks sort of silly,

I’m lookin’ and feelin’ like a spicy, red hot chilly,

I’m reelin’ coz I’m peelin’ and I sure don’t dig,

Havin’ a face like a squealin’, scalded pig,

My sunburn hurts me so very, very much,

Ouch, ouch, ouch, oh please don’t touch!

I’ve got the sunburn blues and so I’m tellin’ you,

Put your sunscreen on whatever you do!

Oh Yeahhhhhhh!"