'My Holiday' poem and ideas for writing.

Post date: Jun 25, 2014 6:54:46 PM

My Holiday

My holiday looks like an old tin can:

Rusty old, dusty, fusty, musty caravan.

My holiday looks like a giant belched the sky,

Frightening the sunshine, making trees cry.

My holiday looks like a bag of soggy chips

That’s fallen in the bucket that doesn’t catch the drips.

My holiday sounds like pelting hail stones,

The chattering of teeth, a chorus full of groans.

My holiday sounds like a car that feels unwell

Clanking to a standstill like a dying carousel.

My holiday sounds like squabbling grans,

And the pained peeling ‘ouch’ of overdone sun tans.

My holiday feels like a greasy deck of cards,

That slimes on your fingers like slugs in lard.

My holiday feels like scratchy pointy rocks,

Or water in wellies seeping through socks.

My holiday feels like nettle stings on feet,

And the pink bumpy dot to dot of prickly heat.

My holiday tastes like sweaty sunscreen trickles,

Sour blackberries plucked from under bramble prickles,

My holiday tastes like chips beside the sea,

Campfire smoke, and hot sweet cups of tea .

My holiday tastes like ice cream and candy floss,

Crisps and sandwich crumbs swigged from bottles of pop.

My holiday smells like sea air surfing the tide,

And funfair hotdogs on the pier with onions fried.

My holiday smells like a novelty steam train,

Or walks at dusk through cow fields after rain.

My holiday smells like molten motorway tarmac,

And forgotton mouldy butty sludge in my back pack...


Holiday Poetry Ideas for writing (Year 4)

Brainstorm Word bank:

Different types of holiday: words to describe holiday.

Brainstorm Word Bank:







Feelings and emotions

Pin word banks around room.

Children work in groups.

Decide on what type of holiday you are going to write about.

My holiday looks like

My holiday sounds like

My holiday feels like

My holiday tastes like

My holiday smells like

My holiday makes me feel...

Modelled example starting with: ‘My holiday looks like an old tin can rusty caravan...’