Helên Thomas

Occasional poet; musical dabbler; sometime blogger; cat slave and drinker of tea.

Woman one from Tingle In The Netherlands, wonky synth pop outfit with absurd lyrics (not suitable for children).

Over the years my poems have been published in numerous books and magazines in the UK and the US as well as online. I have included some examples on this website along with links to other websites the feature my writing.

Although I have worked as a performance poet it the past, I am no longer available for bookings. Instead, I have been spending my time creating soundscapes and loops as backing tracks for my poems, which you can find on bandcamp and youtube.

As I'm not touting for gigs, I'm using this website more as a personal archive / scrap book, but if you've made it this far, you're welcome to have a look around. That said, I can occasionally be found online hustling for download sales, so keep your hands on your spare change if you're not in the market for spoken word and / or weird tunes.

Please be aware that most of my poems and song lyrics are not intended for a young audience.