Hemorrhoids are Annoying

There are many people who suffer from hemorrhoids. The following describes what hemorrhoids are, where they are and how to remove them. Sometimes this is successful, or sometimes you have to have it done by a doctor.

Best Hemorrhoids Treatment Option

Where are the hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are in the orbicular muscle of the anus. They are actually sagging swella ceps. These swella ceps consist of a spongy network of blood vessels that are covered by the mucous membrane of the anus. Hemorrhoids can be on the inside or on the outside of the sphincter.

When you get complaints of hemorrhoids

If too much pressure is placed on these swell bodies, they may bulge outside, this gives the uncomfortable and sometimes painful feeling. It can also bleed easier. Especially when a blood clot develops in the hemorrhoid, this is easily felt and painful.

Cause of hemorrhoids

The main cause of the development of hemorrhoids is due to a lack of dietary fiber in our food. This makes the stool hard and dry. If the stool is hard and dry, there will also be more pressure on the swelling cappa and this is painful during bowel movements. But hemorrhoids can also be caused by a lot of sitting and little movement.

Preventing complaints

Due to sufficient dietary fiber and enough fluid intake the stool remains supple and soft, so you are less likely to get complaints of hemorrhoids. It is also important not to postpone a toilet visit too long. If it stays in the intestine for a long time, the intestine will once again get fluid, which will make the stool harder again. For people who are overweight, it is advisable to lose weight and ensure sufficient physical activity.

Diagnosis and research

A doctor will always do an internal and external examination of the anus, this he does to exclude or establish a different cause of the hemorrhoids. He looks at the anus itself and the surroundings of the anus. He will also carry out an internal examination with his finger. He then enters the anus with one finger, to feel the inside of the sphincter and the last part of the rectum. The doctor can make a diagnosis on the basis of this examination.

The treatment options

There is an ointment in the free sales that have to help to reduce hemorrhoids. Often these ointments help well. If it does not work well enough you can ask the doctor to prescribe another ointment. Here is a medicine processed that might cure

If this does not work, the hemorrhoid can also be tied off with a rubber band. The hemorrhoid then dies within seven to ten days. Another treatment option is the cauterization of the veins on the (insensitive) mucous membrane with infrared light.

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