Beauty: Less is More

You see 'fashioned' in fashion-sensitive branches with some regularity, which is alternated with 'less is more'. Trends are part of it and are good for consumption and therefore for the economy. But sometimes there are also trends that slowly but surely become more permanent. Actually, they no longer fall into the category of 'trend', but they are given a twist again. 'Less is more' is one of those that belongs in that last row.

A lot of make-up or not?

If the economy does not run as well, people want to have that 'rich feeling' and that adds a bit of excess. With make-up, excess is often a bit more exuberant make-up, hair and nails. Nails which artworks are in themselves and hair that is styled to perfection. With make-up there is often more used and that more is more glamorous. There is nothing against that in itself, but often removes the natural beauty (in part) and that is just what has gone from a trend to a more permanent status in cosmetics, less is more.

Less is more

The trend that gets a more permanent character is not one for the more or less uncertain woman. A woman who is not entirely satisfied with her appearance will often use makeup to try out the appearance that she thinks she lacks.

What can help in this process is to present the environment, which one finds extra nice to you. That way you get the chance to look through the eyes of someone else. After all, you look at yourself differently when someone else does. What someone else finds extra nice to you can then emphasize with make-up. For example, if you have a beautiful eye color, you can emphasize it by making it even more pronounced with mascara. Excess would mean that you also explicitly work with eyeshadow (possibly even shiny), eyeliner or pencils. However, subtly adding something keeps it natural, but it does emphasize that which is more obvious, the eyes in this case. It goes without saying that it can of course also cover the mouth, well-pronated cheekbones,


Certainly during an economic downturn we do not or barely have the word 'subtleties', but you can still be pleasantly surprised if you apply it. In fact, downsizing your make-up, bringing your own beauty to the fore and emphasizing it in a natural way. By applying make-up subtly, you usually achieve more than if you pull it off firmly and color it. Yet it is also good to look at the total picture. Why is protein important to the body

If you decide to go downsize it is also desirable to look more explicitly at what you take to you. If you live healthy, this is also reflected in your appearance. This can be the absence of bags, a nicer even skin or beautiful shiny hair. Moreover ... avoid being led around the garden with food and drink. A nice glass of juice can just as many calories as a glass of soda and many fruit smoothies also contain a lot of sugar. Simply squeezing an orange, peeling a banana or biting into a nectarine is much healthier. Alcohol in moderation (not even as a nightcap!) Gives you a more relaxed face, no smoking because it gives a pale skin, etc. Less is more when it comes to food and there is still more than enough to enjoy. So another mindset.

How do you behave?

Your behaviors then also become part of the total picture and the man or woman who is fidgeting on the nails all the time draws attention away. Many people are also all the time to the hair or pluck to the lips and these are also those nerves that draw the attention. Apart from the emphasis that is wrong, it can also be bad for the part of the body you are fiddling with. Incidentally, it is also good to consider where that nerve pull comes from and to work on this (yourself or with the help of a professional). How to Lose 10 pounds

To begin with, you can take away the opportunity. A beautiful lipstick, also of a natural color or gloss prevents you from picking your lips. Getting your hair out of your face (for example a tail or knot) reduces the chance that you are sitting on it and you will pick less when the nails are nicely varnished. Subtle application helps, also in the context of less is more.

To dare

Make up is a kind of mask for many women behind which they can hide. So it takes a dose of guts to reduce that make-up and only apply it subtly. With the crowning an even better result and hopefully someone who is full of confidence in life. Sometimes it is a matter of consulting the environment and sometimes it takes a little more.

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