How do you get strong and beautiful nails?

Many women have problems with their nails: they break quickly, are not hard or the temptation to bite them is too big to grow beautiful nails. How can you improve the condition of your nails?

Beautiful nails, beautiful hands

Women like to have beautiful hands . Beautiful nails give the hands an even better appearance. Nicely shaped and well-groomed nails are the wish of many women. Nevertheless, not everyone succeeds in getting this done. Nails break, you can not resist biting the nails or small peels or loose edges on the nails are not neatly filed away but pulled off. This ensures that the nails have no chance to grow into a beautiful ornament on the hands.

Means to make your nails stronger and harder

Harder and strong nails will break down or change less quickly. Many women suffer from depleting nails. You bump into something and away is the nail that has finally grown a bit long. In addition, it can happen that you quickly suffer from strokes on your nails. If you pull on such a piece, sometimes a whole piece of nail comes loose, so that the nail does not look better. Below are a few tips for strengthening and caring for the nails, so that your nails can become harder, longer and more elegant. Superbodyfitness

Use a nail hardener or a colorless nail polish . The nail hardener or nail polish lay a layer over the nail, making the nail less vulnerable. The nails will feel harder and will break or fold less quickly.

Always have a nail file in your pocket, preferably a glass file. When you have a nail on your nail, you can immediately file it off, so that only one small piece is removed and not a large part of the nail. Your nail gets the chance to continue growing undisturbed.

Vitamin B can ensure that your nails are strengthened from the inside. Swallow some extra vitamin B (not more than the recommended amount) and see if you see results after a few weeks.

Calcium provides strong bones and also strong nails. Use extra calcium for a few weeks and see if the condition of your nails improves.

Protect your hands from water. If you do have to use your hands in the water or in the bath (outside the normal showering and hand washing) use plastic gloves. Water makes your nails very soft and vulnerable.

Means against nail biting

Nail biting is more of a problem in your head than a physical problem. Nail biting is a learned habit that is difficult to unlearn. Many people can hardly stop nail biting and bite until the nails are only half of what a beautiful nail should be. Below are a number of tips to get rid of nail biting.

The most important first step to beautiful nails is willpower. Only when you really want to give up nail biting to get beautiful nails, you will succeed in not biting your nails anymore. bezienswaardighedenparijsdotorg

To help you learn the nail biting, you can apply nail-biting fluid on the nails. This nail-biting liquid has a very bad taste, so that the nails are no longer 'tasty' and you stop biting. The real obstinate assistants will not let this stop, so the tool will not work for everyone.

Apply gel nails in a nail studio . Gel nails are artificial nails based on gel. These nails are very hard and you will be less inclined to bite this.

Make your nails extra beautiful. A beautiful nail polish can help you to stop nail biting. Perhaps you can make your nails at a nail studio beautiful by, for example, a pattern on it. Or experiment yourself with fun colors and patterns. You will bite less quickly because you find it a shame of your beautifully painted nails.

Tell the nearest people in your area that you want to stop nail biting and ask them to point out to you if you are biting your nails anyway. film2010dotorg

Have beautiful nails forever

If you always want beautiful nails, it costs energy, time and money. If you always want to look good with well-groomed nails, your self-discipline in looking after your nails will have to be great. Your nails neatly filing and beautiful painting is every few days necessary to keep your nails beautiful and well-groomed. If you want to worry less about your nails, you will have to invest more money. Visiting a nail studio is no superfluous luxury. The artificial nails are getting better and longer lasting. Gel nails and resin nails in particular have a longer lifespan than the artificial nails that you can buy at the drugstore yourself. A treatment in a nail studio is much more expensive.