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Beauties, vain, attractive and repulsive people

People, there are handsome people, beautiful people, real classic beauties, true vain, very attractive people and people who are actually repulsive. What makes someone beautiful or attractive? What are the seven beauties for a man? Is beauty only from the outside or does the inner side also count? Are there negative aspects of beauty? Do handsome people influence our behavior? Why do we find someone attractive


Ancient cultures such as the Imca's and the Egyptians had their own symbols and goddesses to honor beauty. Flowers and butterflies were symbols of beauty. This indicates that man was already asking about the question early on in history: What is beauty?

Beauty goddess

Which woman in our time had so much influence on the women that this influence was permanent and that she was a style icon? Which woman of the last century would qualify as a true beauty goddess? Lady Diana? She was and is an example for millions of women in the world. Lady Diana was a beauty of both inside and outside, a very attractive lady.


What is beauty? What is the characteristic of beauty? Beauty is the idea or feeling of a pleasant appearance or inner and of an impressive appearance of the person. Beauty is seen as attractive in our society and regarded as physical attraction.

Seven beauties

Another characteristic of beauty could be the seven beauties:

Light eyes with dark hair or dark eyes with light hair,

Long and curly eyelashes,

Birthmark left or right above the lip (also called beauty pimples),

Slit (s) between the front teeth,


Dimpled cheeks,

Almond-shaped eyes.

Negative sides

Beauty also has negative aspects, a particularly beautiful woman who knows that she is a beauty, the following problem may arise:

When getting a compliment, is that talent or beauty?

Jealousy of others women,

High expectations are created by her environment: she has to look good every day, this can cause such a great pressure that (for example) an eating disorder can develop.

What is beautiful?

We know exactly who we find attractive, who we call handsome and who is a classic beauty. The why is more difficult to explain: after all, a beauty assessment is only about the outside, right? And what the person finds irresistibly handsome, the other person does not like how untidy and uncoated his or her clothing is.

A nice person

Depending on different cultures, the following list shows what one generally finds characteristics of a beautiful person:

Rays of health,

Gave and smooth skin,

White eye white,

Symmetry of the face,

Youthful and young looking,

For women the well-pronated female characteristics (waist-to-hip ratio),

For men the well pronounced male characteristics (firm jaw line),

High social status,

Blond hair and blue eyes are generally considered really beautiful.

Attracting beautiful people

Whether we like it or not, we automatically do it all: we attract beautiful people. Some examples:

Handsome children get higher marks from the teachers, but the teachers also expect much more from these handsome children,

Attractive people get more attention,

Beautiful people get better jobs,

Beautiful people get a better salary,

Attractive people receive lower prison sentences,

Handsome politicians win the elections earlier,

Attractive managers get their proposals approved earlier,

Handsome people can count on more sympathy.


Everyone unknowingly attracts handsome people. Unconsciously, handsome people influence our behavior. We take over the behavior and ideas of handsome people earlier, even if there is no reason for that. (Matthijs van Leeuwen, Radboud University Nijmegen, see source information).


What is the characteristic of a vain? Where do we recognize a vain thing? Some people can hear a negative sound in the word vain, being a vain does not have to be something negative. Caring for yourself is fine and even positive. As soon as the attention to yourself and your appearance is exaggerated, people can give a negative tone to the word vain.

A vanity spout devotes more than average attention to clothing and appearance,

A vain thing keeps a lot of itself and can even show narcissistic traits,

A vanity teak prefers a mirror all day long.

Strikingly well-cared for people

We are surprisingly fast about our judgment about unkempt people: we do not want these people around us every day. But research by an American psychologist duo suggests that it is probably more sensible to distance yourself from people who are remarkably well-groomed! People who are remarkably well-groomed are above average narcissists! The duo discovered during the research a small but significant relationship between attraction and exaggerated self-love. The explanation may be clear: Foolish in themselves, narcissists like to spend a lot of time on their appearance. (Not every narcissist pays much attention to the appearance and not every particularly well-groomed person is a narcissist!)


Beauty, true pure beauty, being beautiful inside and out is attractive. A vain man who loves himself a lot, pays too much attention to his appearance and prefers to stand in front of the mirror all day and talks about himself is rather repulsive than attractive.

There are 5 scientific results to mention why we find someone attractive:

We see someone every day, the future expectation that we will see someone on a daily basis, makes us better pay attention to his or her positive qualities,

There is attraction between people who let each other be who they are,

There is attraction among people who like each other,

There is attraction among people who have many similarities,

There is a greater attraction when two people experience the same exciting things.


People who are repulsive, what makes them so repulsive?

People who cut off others for no reason,

People who gossip unremittingly and unreasonably about others,

People who are never ready for someone else,

To look for people who are constantly arguing with others