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How do I get powerful and beautiful hair?

We want it all: beautiful undulating locks that are not brittle or dry, but springy and radiant. Unfortunately, many people have damaged hair, and they do not know how to improve the condition of their hair. That is actually a shame, because you and the hairdresser can do a lot about this. This article tries to help you further!

Dull and broken hair

Dull hair is something that none of us will be happy with, but is very common. If your hair has become dull after you have colored it, try to use a special color freshening shampoo from time to time, so that the hair will shine more! Use a conditioner after washing to keep the hair soft and supple. Of course you can also paint your hair again, to regain the beautiful shine! If your hair is dull, but has not dyed it, ask yourself if you do not have too much hair drying or permed. Use a conditioner after washing or get a follow-up treatment for your hairdresser for beautiful shiny locks! Finally, realize that if you do not live healthy, for example because of bad food, too little sleep and no movement your hair will also get a dull look. How to Lose 20 Pounds

Hair loss

If you lose hair, it is important that you intervene very quickly! Normally a person loses about 60 to 100 hairs per day. You can find them in your brush or they are on your pillow. These are the hairs that have followed their normal life cycle and of which the cycle is now coming to an end, in short it is quite normal that they fall out. We speak of hair loss when a lot more hair falls out and over a long period of time. Where does a hair loss come from? This can have several causes. Sometimes it can be due to stress or fatigue. Go to the hairdresser if you think too many hairs fall out. He will treat the hair with the Antichute substance. If you ask, the hairdresser can show you well how the waist applies separation to your hair. This is simple and only takes a minute of your time. At home you can then repeat the treatment yourself. Use two bottles perweek , and apply the contents to towel dry hair. Do not rinse! This agent can be divided by the hair without making it fat. The hair will become full again and fall smoothly, so this treatment is more than worth your while...

Weakened or fine hair

Both fine, normal and thick hair is exposed daily to many impressions, which are also called natural and chemical aggression. In the long run, this aggression will weaken the hair and eventually lose internal components. Natural damage caused by light, water, and the sun. Chemical damage is often associated with overly aggressive hair treatments, and poor perms and shampoos. Because fine hair has a smaller diameter, namely one of 60 microns, it gets weakened faster than normal hair. That is why it needs more protection. If this is the case with you, go to your hairdresser and explain the problem. This can often help you with special hair baths and sometimes even small shock treatments that make the hair stronger. Free eating and losing weight

Hair flakes

Having hair flakes is a problem that many people suffer from. The flakes occur during the cell renewal process of your scalp. But that does not mean that you can not do something about it! If the cell renewal process of your skin goes too fast, the cells do not develop and dry enough. As a result, they stick together and are rejected; these are the white flakes that we know as a rose. If you have a rose, it is important to wash your hair with a special anti-dandruff shampoo. This product contains cell growth inhibitors and will help the dandruff well. However, if you have abnormal problems with scalp, for example caused by stress, medication or a certain food, the anti-dandruff shampoo will not help you.

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