Non-Congenital Brain Injury

Non-congenital brain damage is a brain damage that has been acquired, which is sustained during life. Non-congenital brain damage can have various causes including a cerebral haemorrhage, a blow to the head or a disease. Non-congenital brain injury involves a variety of complaints.

What is Non-Congenital Brain Injury?

During life, the brain can be damaged by all sorts of causes. Think for example of an accident or a disease. The damage that occurs to the brain during life is called non-congenital brain injury . People with non-congenital brain injuries never become 100% the same as before the brain injury and often - even after rehabilitation - keep symptoms and residual symptoms. abnormal menstruation tips

A complex problem

Although a lot of research is done on the brain, the brain remains a big mystery. Although the various parts of the brain have all been mapped out, the scientists still do not know exactly what exactly what part of the brain is doing. There is not always a one-to-one relationship between a part of the brain and certain complaints. lose weight without a diet

The course of brain injury

The course of brain injury can be very grim and unpredictable. In general, however, it can be said that the younger you are, the better the prognosis. The young brains are relatively easily able to adapt to changes. For example, certain parts of the brain can take over functions of damaged brain tissue, so that the loss of function is limited.

Characteristic of non-congenital brain injury is that everyone has other complaints and that the complaints are not equally bad for everyone. It is also often the case that one has various types of complaints that can be brought into contact with various care providers, all of whom contribute to the recovery process with their treatment.

Invisible Problem

Many people with non-congenital brain injuries run into the problem of invisibility. On the outside, people often can not see that someone has brain damage, which means that they have to explain the situation continuously and can count on little understanding of strangers. After all, you can not tell from someone's appearance that he has concentration problems or memory problems. As a result, the near environment can occasionally forget that people have brain damage and associated complaints. Healthy Eating Tips and Guide

Causes of non-congenital brain Injury

Non-congenital brain injury can arise in various ways. This makes the problem so complex because everyone can get other complaints as a result of the same type of accident. Common causes of non-congenital brain injury are:

A disorder in the blood supply to the brain (including a stroke or cardiac arrest)

Oxygen deficiency of the brain (including suffocation or drowning)

Infections of the brain

Various diseases including Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease

Traffic accidents

Clapping on the head

Objects in the head (eg shootings where a bullet pierces the brain)

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