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Scar cream: Does it really help to remove scars?

There is nothing more annoying than an ugly scar that does not want to leave. Or acne scars on your face that remind you of your puberty. Scar creams often promise that they will make scars disappear. But is this really possible? What do scientific studies indicate? Is a scar cream a good solution?

What is a Scar?

A scar is a damage to the skin. This is caused, for example, by a deep wound or by acne. However, the damage has gone beyond just the epidermis. The deeper layer of the skin, called the dermis, is damaged. As a result, the skin forms a permanent damage, a scar. A scar consists of collagen , which is a connective tissue . This connective tissue has a different structure than our normal skin, which will make it look different.

Can a scar really disappear by a cream?

Unfortunately, a scar can never completely disappear. Yet there are creams that claim that they can make scars fade. But do these scar creams really work?

Vitamin E

There is no evidence that scars fade or disappear by treatment with a cream or oil. Many scientific studies have shown that a cream with the famous ingredient vitamin E nothing at all. Sometimes the use of vitamin E can even worsen the appearance of a scar. An allergy can also be formed against vitamin E that causes rash or irritation.

A study has been conducted on vitamin E among 159 people with scars from burns. Half of the group applied vitamin E cream for a year, while the other half of the group did not. After one year, the statistical results were that there was no difference between the thickness, size and the appearance of the scars. Exercise to Reduce Gastric

Another scientific study showed that vitamin E can sometimes worsen the appearance of a scar. The skin can not properly recover when vitamin E is applied too quickly. Also, 33% of people who use vitamin E had skin rashes.

Onion extract

Many people believe that onion extractreduce scarring by counteracting the excessive production of collagen. This method, however, was just as not effective as regular scar creams , and can even worsen scars. Fasting forgetting to eat once a day

Several popular scar creams, what do they do?


Bio-oil is a relatively new product on the market. Bio-oil claims, among other things, to make scarring, skin strains and pigmentation less visible. The working ingredients are vitamins A and E, marigold, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oil. According to scientific research there is no evidence that the lubrication of vitamins A and E would be good for the skin. There is also no proof of the other ingredients. Nevertheless, the Internet is full of positive reactions about Bio-oil.

Revitol Scar Cream

The active substance in the scar cream of Revitol scar cream is vitamin E, previously discussed in this article. The effect of Revitol scar cream is therefore doubtful.

Free choice

The effect of scar cream is therefore not scientifically proven, although the brands of these creams will claim otherwise. The surveys of these brands themselves are not always reliable. This often involves a self-evaluation among a small group of people. The psychological effect on many people is visible. Often, users of scar creams think that the scars have become less visible because they believe in the effect of these creams. Several scientific studies on this so-called placebo effect have shown that in many cases 40 to sometimes 75% improvement in self-evaluation occurs when a placebo is used. However, there is nothing wrong with someone wearing a scar cream want to use. It is everyone's free choice to try these products and it can not be excluded that they could also have positive effects. This is not only a disruption of the effect of creams such as Revitol scar cream or Bio-oil.

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