Resistance Army

The Resistance

Survivors of the Scourge occupation of the Cradle worlds for well over a century, the Resistance combine rag-tag can-do attitude with some surprisingly advanced pre-war gear.


The Leviathan/Thunderstorm is a massive transport for the Resistance and easily becomes the centerpiece of any Resistance Army. I therefore knew that if I wanted my force to stand out, special effort would need to be expended on this massive vehicle.

To do so, I decided that my Leviathan would operate as a mobile camp-site/HQ and a little less as a dedicated transport... so I quickly went to work planning the large flat empty space, and placing barricades, weapons, supplies, etc. into the corners. This worked quite well, and the vehicle can still easily transport up to six wagons... or three and two buses, etc. This means I can actually only transport half-full on the model itself, but fortuitously DZC 2.0 allows this!

Furthermore, the four proper turrets are magnetized, which allows me to run this with purely AA turrets, rocket turrets, and eventually I'll produce some refurbished Scourge cannons. Magnets are truly wonderful, and will let me expand the character of this model further as I build more interesting varieties of turrets.

If I have any regrets regarding this model, it might be how the front facing engine intakes have been placed... placing them outward as I did, makes the wonderful interior more visible and allows easier placement of larger models, but it also makes it even more difficult to move the Leviathan around buildings and such... it may have been more prudent to leave them off entirely and just rely on the two additional "for-show" AA turrets I mounted in front of them.

A refurbished UCM Crossbow laser is manned by the crew... behind sandbag emplacements of course!

The back corner possesses an additional rocket emplacement, some crew, and what probably represents water tanks.

You can see here the various park benches, supplies, ammunition, and junk that I have placed around the edges of the Leviathan's transport floor. The roof-top duct work on the upper right and left represent generators, while space station bits represent... something!

Here you can see that I used DFC side-pieces from the UCM Strike Carrier to produce a reinforced joint, holding the rear ramp upright as a proper wall.

As my Leviathan is generally a command vehicle, I decided to add various bits, including a large Scourge eye-piece from DFC space stations to the roof of the command center.


The Resistance makes a lot of use out of old flatbed trucks and the like, mounting large weaponry on them and rapidly assaulting targets from their transporting hovercraft. They represent a great opportunity for magnetized weapons so that one can use rockets, guns, flames, and who knows what else in your games!

Using some spare Scourge Monitor parts, I was able to build some Gun Wagons with interesting bits. You could also use this as a flamer.

Note the use of a Scourge Minder's prehensile weapon mount as tubing... obscuring the hole/peg mount of the Monitor's underbelly.

This particular weapon mount can be used as any variety of Gun or Rocket Wagon. It uses a UCM Condor clamp set to hold some PHR missiles. Perhaps this represents some seedy weapon trade between the PHR and this band of Resistance?

These Jackson APC vehicles are a staple of Resistance starter kits, but rarely get used in my army, so I converted three of them into extra Gun Wagons. Now that Resistance forces can take Jacksons in a Hover Craft, they might see the table more-often as their proper self.

The War-Boyz

This set of vehicles is actually how I got started with Resistance... I had decided to pickup a few Beserkers, some N-Scale 1950's trucks, and use my plentiful supply of bits to recreate some fun vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road. It would be years before I finished them, but once I did, I started slowly amassing a Resistance Force.

In general, I use these to represent Flame Wagons or otherwise Assault ATV squads. Basing them was a decision made to secure the "look" of Mad-Max.


As you can see above, I managed to magnetize my bus howdah's... which have given additional rockets and such, so that when placed onto a Hannibal tank chassis... they are transformed into a jury-rigged Mehmed siege tanks.

The Skulltaker

The Skulltaker transport is a heavily modified Lifthawk designed to transport infantry and also lay down some flamer goodness upon your enemies... it's a fun unit, so I knew I wanted to do something special. I also just didn't have the funds or opportunity to buy a proper one!

So for this unit, I decided quickly that I would use spare Scourge Stalker legs for spiky adornments... I also knew I would be using a troop compartment from DFC UCM Cruisers to produce the necessary bulk for personnel storage. You'll also notice I magnetized the engines... one day I plan to use two sets of engines from other Lifehawks to produce some seriously super-charged ones for this model!

You can probably spot the large machine gun from AT43 placed under the main cockpit!

Here you can see a Fallout WW Sentry-Bot missile launcher and some random pipe bits to form a rear flame thrower assemblage.

The cargo bay is from DFC, the side engines are old Assault Marine Jet-Packs from Games Workshop, the doors are panels from Fallout WW Nuka Cola machines, and a UCM Bear machine gun turret is located on the bottom.

Miscellaneous Units

Here you can see a Hell-Hog (completely unmodified), some Typhoons, and some Hannibals. The only noteworthy thing here, is that I magnetized the Hannibal turrets and used some plasti-card panels to create additional armor patches and the like. I'm looking forward to eventually adding some Cyclones one day, that will have alternative engines from PHR and Lifthawk models to replace their propellers!

Long Live the Resistance!